Seen & Heard: CVS coming soon?

The CVS that has been long scheduled for the corner of Church and Warren looks like it is getting stocked up, from what we can see in C’s photo below. Awaiting word from corporate on opening dates…

Somehow I missed the grand opening (two months ago) of the new smoke shop on the northside of Chambers at #157, just east of McDonald’s. I can’t believe it’s been almost six years since the old smoke shop — the one that was the #1 destination of PS 234 kids for out-lunch — closed at #155 (now 16 Handles). Anyway, this one has everything vape, but also piles of snacks. Two highlights: Tate’s chocolate chip cookies and Fanta.

The I-Plaza Nails on Greenwich and N. Moore is closed for renovations, and should be back sometime this summer. Their Brookfield outlet is not yet open, but the 64 N. Moore Plaza M is open for business.

From my house to yours.



  1. That smoke shop is shamelessly oriented towards Stuy HS kids, snacks and all.

  2. CVS and stores like it always seem to attract the dregs of society, Tribeca doesn’t need more of them. Also why would anyone approve a smoke shop in this area, it’s time to remove these trashy places and control what is built in this once nice neighborhood.

  3. Dregs of society? As opposed to what the vacant store fronts and dark spaces in the neighborhood attract?

    That’s a great spot for a CVS, definitely more useful than the mattress store that used to be there. I look forward to its opening.

  4. New CVS coming to the NW corner of Broadway and Vesey (former Staples) per the poster building permits

    • I believe that will be a relocation of the current CVS on Fulton/Nassua, located in the building with the permanent scaffolding.

  5. Fellow cleaning the sidewalk in front of the Church Street location last week said that the CVS may open there “later this month.”

  6. CB1 should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a smoke shop in the direction of ES, MS HS and college students. They could have put that shop anywhere but on Chambers. My son when we frequent 16 handles always calls that the bad people shop.

  7. Absolute heaven! Another CVS! Soon there will be one on every Tribeca corner just like Starbucks!

  8. I’m just happy SOMETHING is opening up in Tribeca