Where in Tribeca?

J. sent in this sweet detail. Would not have guessed this building had French roots. Where is it?

… And James got it, at Tiny’s. So why the French?



  1. Tinys on W Broadway

  2. Right. So, James, why the French?

    • Here is a *wild* and mostly unfounded speculation. If it is original, and not some recently installed affectation, then perhaps an early occupant installed it.

      Per the Tribeca South Historic District Designation Report: “It was constructed c. 1810 […] It seems likely that it originally had a shop at the ground story, since the 1812 directory lists only this address for the occupant, merchant Peter Carion, suggesting that his business was located on the premises.”

      Based on the name, Carion was potentially French or maybe Huguenot.