Where in Tribeca: American Idol Edition

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S. did a close read on March 13’s episode of American Idol, where Katy Perry interviews contestant Abigail Brooks. Brooks says she works in a coffee shop in Tribeca, where she rehearses her ballads to an imaginary audience using a broom handle as a mic. She’s quite good — in fact those after-hours performances earned her a golden ticket.

So the real question is: Where in Tribeca?

S. and I can’t figure it out, so while I await word from official sources, take a guess. UPDATE: So I heard from Abigail herself, and SB is correct — these posts are shot in Colorado. However, she works at Café Atelier, at 112 Hudson, which also has a liquor license.

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  1. Oh!

    That’s lovely news for her and her family. The coffee shop in most of her videos, however, is apparently Briccy’s Coffee in Castle Rock, Colorado, while the other coffee shop, the one with the light tan shelves, appears to sell Counter Culture Coffee as well as wine and champagne by the glass, so it’s indeed difficult to imagine who’d have that mixed license in the TriBeCa area. Curious, indeed.

    • SB is onto something: there is a place with a liquor license and that is a great clue! (I now know the answer.) I am checking now on the location of those particular posts, however, in case the visual clues don’t match up…