Greek restaurant coming to Duane and Greenwich

A Greek restaurant called Argo is coming to the former Serenata space on Duane Park, operated by Nikolaos Ntatidis. He didn’t offer much on his experience in the restaurant business; if LinkedIn can be trusted, he’s a project manager for a developer.

After serving as the home base for Max for 12 years, this space has now turned over three times in as many years. First it was an Italian called Gato Nero that opened for a week or so; then Serenata, a Mexican restaurant that opened in spring 2020; and now Argo. Max left because there was no gas in the building; I assume it’s back if a restaurant really wants to make a go of it.

The lawyer for the restaurant said that the Serenata operator was a cover for someone else — which makes sense since that guy did not know where the restaurant actually was when he presented to the Licensing Committee in February 2021. He also said that guy was blacklisted by the Liquor Authority, which also makes sense since Serenata operated through most of the pandemic with no liquor license at all.

There are 31 seats, 15 tables, and four seats at the bar. The hours will be 11a to 11p, seven days. (The committee wanted the restaurant to close at 10 on Sundays, but as the lawyer said, “he’s got to make a living here.”

The owner said he would like to have some outdoor space, especially since the restaurant is so small, but the regs are changing and the restaurant will not open in time for the current curbside arrangement. Neighbors won a small victory recently when the shed from Serenata came down, so if this guy some how builds another one, that would be nuts. The lawyer seemed to think the restaurant cannot use the loading dock in the front.



  1. Super tough location for some reason. You would think otherwise

    • I think the reason why businesses don’t do well is because the residents create a tough environment for businesses to survive (eg unreasonable hours, not letting them serve outside, over bearing issues)

      There will be empty stores until residents understand this isn’t the suburbs

    • Max did great there for years until the gas went off. If it is still off, that’s a big obstacle to being able to cook. It is also what took down Cornerstone. It is also very small, so you have to have the right vibe.

  2. Paping Corporation had apparently been a registered home improvement contractor. This new applicant is a project manager for a contractor / developer.

    I’m not saying. I’m just saying.

  3. Besides Greca, we lack good Greek 8n the neighborhood. Hope this place is good.

    • Just for the record: Thalassa, Anassa Taverna and Marathi.

      • Marithi is Faboulous…i hope it last as the owners have turned this place so many times over the years…..
        plenty of greek around here including my girlfriend!!!

      • There are plenty of great Greek options in the neighborhood! Marathi has become my favorite Greek restaurant in Manhattan. The food and service is outstanding. The renovations to the restaurant are beautiful as well. Plus, it’s open seven days a week, all day!

        • Marathi is owned and run by Andy’s son. The food is terrific, and the ambiance might make you feel you are dining in an upscale restaurant in Crete.

  4. As a resident on that block, please do not blame us. We would love a cool little place in that location. Max did well, and Hideaway does very well too.

  5. Thalassa Restaurant at 140 Franklin St. has been in Tribeca for about 20 years . It has the most authentic, fresh yummy Greek food . If you haven’t been there yet you need to go.

  6. You mean 179 Franklin, not 140.

  7. i welcome a bone fide neighbor- one that has all the proper permits/licenses and commitment to the community

  8. I’m not at all complaining about it — I love Greek food, who doesn’t? — but why do we have so many Greek restaurants in Tribeca? Other than Italian, it’s maybe our most represented cuisine. Which is a long-winded way of saying: Why can’t we have a single good Chinese restaurant of any kind?

    • I would love a good Thai place but from what I have heard in the past, Chinese and Thai cannot charge what is necessary to cover expenses in a Tribeca location.

  9. The neighborhood needs a mediterranean restaurant like this one. I’m looking forward to the opening!

  10. Hi all, its nice to see publication about Argo.
    We are not Greek restaurant:). Our cuisine is mainly Mediterranean with modern and refreshing twist. Chef Konstantinos Kvasilava has taken his experience from multiple well known restaurants from Austria, Norway , Germany,
    Greece, Cyprus and many other European countries and have brought our vision to life. BTW gas was never the issue, it was never off. We do have all the necessary permits to open , but we would like to perfect every detail before we open our doors.
    We will make sure the wine options will be exquisite and unique, wine will be our specialty.
    I am almost everyday in the restaurant preparing for the grand opening, feel free to come in and ask me any questions you have, don’t just google :)