New redistricting has districts all over the place

A candidate for NY State Senate — Tribecan Danyela Souza Egorov — got in touch recently to tell me that she was running for District 29, to which my response was that’s all well and good since that’s on the Upper East Side. But it turns out that not only have all the boundaries changed for our downtown state districts, but they also renumbered them. AND very little of the info out there reflects this.

In fact if you go to the Board of Elections site you have to know your new number to check your district, which makes absolutely no sense. (Brian Kavanagh’s website will tell you that he is District 26, which he was until he wasn’t.)

Anyway, maybe none of this matters but it is bugging me nonetheless.

So consider this a primer for the June 28 primary, when we will vote for the state offices as well as our US Rep., US Senate, Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller. The League of Women Voters is usually the most helpful place to find voter info. I will gather more information on the candidates as we get closer to the primary.

Vittoria Fariello
Brian Kavanagh
Yuh-Line Niou
Danyela Souza Egorov

Deborah Glick
Ryder Kessler

Grace Lee
Illapa Sairitupac
Jasmin Sanchez



  1. Vittoria Fariello is running for State Senate as well:

    • Vittoria Fariello is also running in SD29 as well…

      She actually announced prior to Yuh-Line or Danyela, I believe.

    • Vittoria was also endorsed by lower Manhattan’s Council Member Chris Marte, in addition to two major Democratic clubs downtown. This article should be updated to reflect she is one of the frontrunners in this race.

    • State Senate candidate Vittoria Fariello has been endorsed by Council member Chris Marte as well as two major downtown Democrat clubs. Why is she not included?

      • Because she didn’t tell me is the #1 reason, and the #2: she is listed on the state Board of Elections site in District 26, so she didn’t pop up when I searched.

  2. Justine Cuccia is running for State Assembly District 61 against current State Assemblyman Charles D. Fall.

  3. I registered to vote in BPC this January and got a notice that my polling site is at the Staten Island School of Civic Leadership, 1.5 hours and 2 transfers away by public transportation… 3 hours round trip! There seems to be a burdensome increase in travel distance/time for voters as a result of this redistricting too.

    • Wow – That sounds crazy and is probably a mistake. Suggest you call the board of elections to confirm your correct location.

  4. We will continue to vote for the same people and continue to complain that the city is going to hell.

  5. “The judge also tossed out fresh State Senate and Assembly districts that he said were the product of an irrevocably tainted mapmaking process.”

    ‘Judge Tosses N.Y. District Lines, Citing Democrats’ ‘Bias’ ‘ – The New York Times

  6. The article is in error in stating that Justine Cuccia is running in the 65th district. She’s actually running in the 61st district (assuming the judge’s ruling tossing out the districts doesn’t stand on appeal).