PS 150 will add a 3K classroom

PS 150 will host a 3K classroom when it moves to its new building at 28-42 Trinity Place in September — the only downtown public school to host a 3K program. (That’s rendering of the new building downtown.)

Applications for 3K must be submitted through by April 14. Priority will go to siblings of returning students and the school has set aside 25 percent of the seats for students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Parents/guardians who have already submitted applications can edit their application adding our school as a ranked choice.

There will just be one classroom for 3K at the new PS 150, capped at 15 students. And as the plan stands now, the school will open with one Pre-K class, two kindergartens and one class in every grade up to fifth. Then each year, the school will add another class in grades 1 through 5.

De Blasio started 3K in 2017, slowly expanding it over the past years. The program is full-day, and is hosted not just by public schools but also by early childhood education centers, preschool centers and family-based child care (the city calls these options “settings:). (If someone creates a family 3K setting, let me know!) There is a whole list of admissions priorities here; it is not first-come, first-served but based on a whole bunch of priorities.

The map below shows the local programs (I had to register a fake child to see them) and since readers can’t see beyond the pins, here they are: Battery Park City Day Nursery, BMCC Early Childhood Center, Kiddie Academy, Chung Pak Early Childhood Center, New York Kids Club, a DOE site at 10 Reade, Tribeca Early Learning Center and on Madison, Yan Zhu Liao.

The folks at PS 150 are packing up now, but they do not have a moving date yet. What I want to know is: what will Stellar/Vornado do with that space now that they cleared it out?

And because I had never seen this, here’s a 12-minute video on the current school application program:

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