Mulberry & Vine has closed permanently

Mulberry & Vine, the local chain that was born here on Warren Street, has closed its five locations across the city, and this is a real loss for Tribeca. Owner (and Tribecan) Michelle Gauthier said the reasons were as you could guess. “Our landlords are amazing and did everything they could but we couldn’t survive the lack of business from covid.”

It’s a real loss for the neighborhood, and a neighbor.

To call it fast casual is a disservice, since that implies a fast approach to quality — and the food there was original, delicious and consistent. (I had them cater Thanksgiving once, which was one of my better ideas.)

The restaurant at 73 Warren opened in 2013 and by 2018, Michelle had added four other locations total around the city. But the loss of the officer worker made business untenable. There were times before 2020 that she had a line halfway down the street.

“Our core customer was the office worker and we couldn’t survive the reduction in office staff,” Michelle said. “Covid truly killed my business.”

Data from the property management firm Kastle Systems shows that the New York City occupancy rate is still just at 36 percent — and that’s up from January. Before the pandemic in March 2020, 95 percent of workers came to the office every day.



  1. Here is an example of how the conversion of office buildings to residential hurt(s) our neighborhood. I’m not saying it is bad, just an example of why retail finds it difficult to survive in a neighborhood that is not densely populated (which we generally favor), and not always “greedy landlords”.

  2. Too bad it had to close. That was a sweet spot.

  3. We loved Mulberry and Vine but there was one very not polite person working there with piercing. and she seemed so turned off by the people ordering. She was hasty and not so welcoming and it happened twice to me and my family until I said no more. So important for restaurants/ to go places to really be kind to patrons.

    • What a ridiculous comment to be putting on this article. This is not Yelp!

    • What a nice sentiment for a local business that just closed. Kick dirt on many graves?

    • Wow You get the grand prize for topic twisting and self-centeredness. What does your comment really bring to the subject except maybe smug self-satsfaction? It’s really sad that the office workers haven’t returned downtown or to nyc because all service industries are suffering. I’m upset when I walk down streets in Tribeca that used to be lines with bubbling business now all closed. I loved Mulberry and Vine and am very sad to see it close. Whether anyone with a piercing was rude or not is incidental IMO.

  4. I loved M&V, this is so sad. I hope they can pivot to an online order delivery service because I would definitely stock our fridge that way. Gonna miss their vegan mash, sesame tofu, and chili glass noodles!

  5. I patronized their E. 44th st location frequently. One of the few consistently good and healthy options for a quick meal in the area. Will miss them.

  6. A true loss to the neighborhood. The food was fresh and healthy and the people who worked there helpful and welcoming. Now, if someone would just tell me what they put into the charred avocado!