Nosy Neighbor: What will happen to Louise Bourgeois’ Eyes?

Ok, so I am the nosy neighbor in this case. But when I was writing up the post about the construction plans for Wagner and scanning the media archives for pics of the park, I found this hysterical one of Erik Torkells astride Louis Bourgeois’ Eyes and I got to wondering about a few things, most of all why Erik was wearing a cowboy hat. (I know Erik never thought they were eyes, but eyes actually are a big theme for Bourgeois.)

Nick Sbordone at the BPCA said the authority has a plan for the art currently in Wagner: “Eyes and the other two pieces currently in/around Wagner Park [Ape & Cat (At the Dance) by Jim Dine, and Resonating Bodies by Tony Cragg] will be back in the newly-redesigned Wagner upon completion of the South Battery Park City Resiliency Project.

“In the meantime, we’re finalizing temporary locations for them to be accessible and on public view elsewhere in Battery Park City while the park is under construction.”

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s another of these great vids the BPCA is doing of all its public art pieces: