New Kid on the Block: Matto

I will leave it to the pro coffee drinkers to report back on the quality of the bean, roast, temperature, etc, but in the meantime, it’s refreshing to see signs of new life on Broadway in Matto, a local franchise with 17 espresso bars around the city. They have three downtown already: the Fulton hub, John Street and Maiden Lane, and have five more locations coming soon. (TribecaMom spotted this one last week.)

And here’s the hook: everything on the menu is $2.

Well, it’s actually $2.50 — though that seems to include tax. And I mean everything — coffee, iced tea, egg sandwiches on croissant, magic bars, oatmeal with chia seeds in a box.

The website says the coffee is Italian — hard to know for sure.

(297?) Broadway just south of Duane (next to Lot Less)



  1. I had dinner at Fonda last night and it was really really good! I highly recommend it. Really good food, great service, great drinks. It is a very nice addition to Tribeca.

  2. Matto franchisors / management are Israeli / Middle Eastern.