In the News: City to close shelter at 52 William

In what I can only say is a surprising move, Gothamist reports that the city will closed the temporary homeless shelter it established at the empty Radisson Hotel at 52 William by June 30.

You may recall that this site was part of a huge cross-Manhattan fight between neighbors and advocates for the homeless that started on the Upper West Side, with the actual men living in the shelter caught in the crosshairs. When the city decided to close the shelter run out of the Lucerne Hotel uptown, it moved 74 men to the Radisson. Neighbors in the Financial District formed a group to join the fight to keep the men uptown.

Then, as of last June, the city had announced that the Radisson would become a permanent homeless shelter for the “Turning the Tide” program for adult families (this means no children, but either couples or a parent and 18+ child) experiencing homelessness. The city was planning 90 of these citywide in neighborhoods that have never had shelters, such as Community District 1, and therefore do not meet the needs of their own homeless population. This would have been the first-ever traditional shelter in CD1.

From Gothamist: Julia Savel, spokesperson for the city Department of Social Services, which oversees the Department of Homeless Services, said the city will move all occupants out of the former Radisson Hotel New York Wall Street by June 30th. She declined to provide additional details, including how many homeless people live there, where they will go or explain why the city is closing the facility, which is of a kind highly valued by homeless people and their advocates because it offers single-occupancy rooms, rather than a congregate setting or shared rooms. “After further review of our capacity and review of the operational needs of this site, we have decided to end the long-term use of this commercial hotel and will phase out the use of this site by June 30, 2022,” Savel wrote in an email.

As of last summer, local hotels in Community District 1 housed 340 homeless residents in temporary shelters. The city phased those out as covid eased. The city estimates that there are 590 homeless residents of CD1, and the idea is to house those people in their home district.

Despite the fight against the shelter, I had not heard much from Fidi residents about problems there. Gothamist reports the same.

So the next question: what will happen to the Radisson?



  1. surprising really? Do you live near the Raddison or around the area? Do you follow citizen app? The majority of men living there are from Rikers or junkies assaulting people on the street. the man that hit the scientist on her head in the train came from the Raddison Hotel. These people need mental facilities. Blame DeBlasio for this mess! Assaulting, Defecating and peeing. Using drugs out in the open. This is what the Raddison brought to FIDI! We all want housing for homeless who want to start a new life, job get off the streets. This is not what is in the Raddison. Sex offenders live there also right near numerous schools. I was on zoom calls before it opened. They promised no problems. All Lies! Happy to see it go!!! Lots of people moved out because of this nightmare!

  2. I would like to know where the facts are coming from that “ I have not heard anything from residents in Fidi”. As a resident on Pine street directly across from the shelter I have called 911 numerous times since the shelter has been in place for multiple issues, and multiple complaints with Cora Fung’s office. I know I am not the only one, please make sure to fact check before publishing statements like this. Simply not correct at all.
    Thank you

  3. How can you report that you have not heard much about problems there? Have you asked anyone who lives near the Radisson. It has been a nightmare – assault, drug use out in the open (needles), unsafe subway entrances including stabbings at the Wall Street station, etc. Many stories and photos are posted on downtown Facebook pages (see FiDi Residents and Downtown NYCers for Safe Streets). Please investigate or do the research if you are writing articles that imply there isn’t a problem.

  4. I seen several men outside urinating yesterday, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO THE RADISSONS! I also seen one other man passing out flyers promoting a large party at his SUITE – he said he had THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE and was inviting every woman on William Street to attend the celebration. Perhaps their bathrooms don’t work in his suite? I don’t know. Nobody knows. What I do know is they have been outside at all hours, urinating, peeing and doing other forms of #1 or #2 right on the street. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

    • no surprise. God help us when the Washington Street one opens. Everyone who advocates just wait until your assaulted or raising your kid right near this. open a huge one right near Rikers away from communities that live in NY!

  5. Perhaps the person writing this hasn’t heard anything from residents because they haven’t asked anyone. If I were allowed to post images in this comment section, you would be able to see why this shelter needs to close. And my images are only of what happens on the exterior of the building, in public view. I cannot imagine what goes on inside.

  6. Glad to hear this bit of news. Now is there any word on the “Safe Haven” the city was planning to open at 105 Washington? That is only going to be worse….

    • I am sure Washington Street will be a nightmare. More fear for us walking the streets or the train. No curfew for this place either.

  7. I have been complaining about the homeless people hanging out next door for over a year. I had a neighbor that had her stroller kicked and I have seen more trash and bad smells than ever. I feel bad for these homeless men but I feel they should live somewhere else, for example close to their communities and not in an area where they don’t feel welcome.

  8. One of the reasons they might be closing this shelter is to try to get workers back into their offices, which Adams is making a priority in order for the city to recover. The conditions described here by local residents are just another excuse for people to stay in their homes to work…

    • Elizabeth are you serious? Do you live there? They can’t even walk their kids to school without getting harrassed, screamed at or assaulted. Peeing, Sh__ shooting up in the streets right near the entrance or Sid streets. Lots of people who live FIDI have moved already because of bail reform. Criminals letting out of jail without bail to commit the same crimes. Instead of citizens living a ” safe” life here. That Shelter isn’t about people wanting a better life, Its filled with Criminals from Rikers, Junkies too!! So go do your research on it!!! Just go onto Citizen’s app or downtown for safer streets. You know nothing about this hell hole.

      • surely you can’t be serious. i live 2 blocks from the radisson and walk by it nearly daily and have never had a problem. gunshots? seriously? i’ve walked by at night by myself many many times (a scary prospect anywhere in the city!) and not once have i felt unsafe

        • In Response to Emily,
          Just go on Downtown for Safer Streets and Citizen App. Because the Whole community and there are videos, Photos and so on how UNSAFE FIDI has become with the Raddison There. Give it a break.

  9. One party government continues to fail its citizens.

  10. Hi – is there any update for the plans for the new shelter at 105 Washington? Thanks

    • I am waiting on word from DHS…

      • Thanks for your great reporting on this. I feel like the 105 Washington situation is underreported as PS150 is relocating one block away. My understanding is the city purchased that building but I hope the Adams administration realizes opening such a safe haven shelter (with no security) so close to a new preK+ elementary school undermines the confidence and safety of the downtown community especially given the increase in crime.

        • Nick I agree 100 percent. Its going to be a disaster !! The community must fight before the new 150 opens. This place will put Tribeca and downtown in danger. Just look what happened with the Raddison.

          • There are guards at the 105 Washington property today and they said they are starting to prepare for the shelter to move in. This is going to be terrible for the neighborhood.

          • What is the status of 105 Washington St? I live across the street and am SO concerned about the use of it as a potential homeless shelter. There are so many families and young children in the surrounding area. This will be horrible. They have just been doing construction on the building but the workers don’t seem to have any other information. What can neighbors do to stop this?

  11. Make Tribeca a gated community!

    No poor people allowed (except with day passes for cleaning).
    No chain stores allowed (Only rich, bored mommy yoga studios).
    No connections or responsibility to the community at large.
    Private schools to teach the kids just how special they are.

    • We are talking about a safe haven shelter opening a block away from a kids *PUBLIC* school. Said shelter would have be a safe haven shelter and thus more disruptive than what’s already happened at the Radisson.

      We volunteer (including at homeless shelters in the past) and make a difference in our community and that’s why we don’t think this is a wise decision – precisely because of its adjacency to the school. In fact we could afford to send our kids to a private school but want to be part of our local community so you couldn’t be further from the truth with your generalizations. Further, there is a adorable unit going up on Washington which will be great for the community.

      I realize you’re trying to push your politics; I’m just trying to make sure 3 year olds (the school was approved for 3K) are in a safe neighborhood in the best city in the world.

  12. Apparently the shelter is still up and running. Today is July 2nd and it was supposed to be closed by June 30th according to Julia Savel‘s statement.

  13. That’s right. The article is not accurate. It never closed. As of July 9th. I wonder what changed?

  14. The building is open but all the signage and staff indicating this was a shelter are gone and I live across the street so it looks to me like it is not a shelter anymore. Just because lights are on doesn’t mean it’s still a shelter

  15. A follow-up. I walked by again today and saw what are clearly tourists now checking-in for a normal hotel plus it is listed on the Raddison website