New Chain Kids on the Block: CVS and 7-Eleven

Ordinarily I wouldn’t post a New Kid for a chain store, but when I saw they had my name on a license plate key chain at the relocated 7-Eleven, I figured why not.

Plus big news: the new CVS on the corner of Warren and Church has a substantial grocery section in the back of the store. The gals there told me it’s bigger than any of the other CVSes; and while it does not cover the bases as that old bodega (which I still miss) did on the corner of Chambers and Church, it will get you through breakfast or a school lunch the next day.

The new 7-Eleven (Church between Murray and Park Place) is a lot cheerier than the old one, and seemed to be (relatively) packed with the usual snacks plus a few quirky items — again, not bodega level but it’s something.

Some highlights at CVS:

And from 7-Eleven:





  1. The new CVS is great! Stopped in there after it opened and was thrilled with how friendly the staff was and with how well-stocked the store seemed to be.

    The 7/11 near Park Place is also a definite step-up from the previous one, and they have a great coffee selection there as well for anyone who likes the iced variety.

    This past week, a smoke shop also opened up next to the the 7/11 at the corner of Church and Park Place. This is technically the same space as the 7/11, but was divided after the De Janeiro store moved. Not as thrilled with this addition.

  2. Agreed on new CVS I did notice a lot of egg choices. Ha. Wasn’t buying so didn’t check prices.

  3. The ice dispenser is always out of service at the machines at 7-Eleven! Also, there tends to be a a lot of aggressive loitering outside, which isn’t great for the neighborhood. I like the store itself (outside of the ice issue) but it really isn’t a pleasant experience to go there.

    The new CVS looks big from the outside but even that is deceptive – it is humongous. I went too early after it opened (shelves were still were waiting to be stocked) but it looks very promising.

  4. Very sorry to see these big chain stores spreading. Ugly. Bad for the community and bad for nyc. I believe it’s because commercial rent hikes are driving out more suitable and interesting vendors – that would be more rooted in the community. Depressing.