Seen & Heard: Flipping the historic stone sidewalks

The folks renovating 140 West Broadway at Thomas have an impressive plan to flip the historic stone slab sidewalks so they are flat again. You’ve seen these — thanks to age and wear, they are sloped toward the roadbed and not easy to walk on. By flipping them, they will once again be flat and have a curb. What a job.

A. caught site of these Mitzvah stickers that are now plastered all over Hudson Street as well. And our building gets a fine every time there’s leaves from the street trees on the ground…

All you ornithologists out there must know what this cute little critter is, spotted on a balcony at IPN. Comment if so.

The team behind Nolita Thai spots Wayla and Kimika have opened Wan Wan at 209 Mulberry, at Spring, for dinners to start. Translating to ‘throwback’ in Thai, Wan Wan is inspired by old Phuket-style restaurants where Chinese influence from the influx of immigrants comes through in the Thai cuisine, creating something familiar yet unique in style. The chef is Tom Naumsuwan, also executive chef of Wayla, who was born and raised in Bangkok and learned to cook by working with some of Bangkok’s popular street vendors before moving to New York.



  1. Hi, that cute bird is a American Kestrel :)

  2. Also, can the city or the neighbors go against whatever organization is identified on those stickers that are all over the place? on Broadway they are all over too, i see them daily on my walk to work.

    Why do people come trash our neighborhood? they can keep their trash to themselves thank you very much.

    • Agreed about these and stickers of all sorts… an ugly eyesore and often difficult to remove. We get those incessant locksmith stickers on our building as well, and when attempting to remove them, they leave residue or pull the paint off with them.

      • You don’t need to identify every single building that has been hit with those illegal locksmith and gate stickers when you contact 311. Just use something like “W. 23rd St, north side, all buildings, between 6th and 7th Avenues.” The Dept of Sanitation is responsible to tracking who the phone number is connected to and send them notices of violations for each sticker.

        The law was changed in 2003 so that violators can be charged for placing those stickers on private property.

  3. I’m not an ornithologist (biology is too complicated!) but your friendly visitor is an American Kestrel! A small falcon, easy to identify with its blue wings and those classic black “tears”. Not the common bird seen on balconies though!

  4. I feel the same way about stickers for everything put on everything. I think the Citibike ports are ugly and turn beautiful neighborhoods (never thought I’d see them on 5th Avenue) into parking lots.