Van Leeuwen ice cream will open next week

More when I can get in there next week, but the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream store at Independence Plaza (just north of Washington Market Park) will open next Thursday, May 19. Store hours will be 11a to 12a, Sunday to Thursday, and 11a to 1a on weekends. So opportunities here for late-night ice cream, which is always fun. There will be free merch for the first 100 people and $1 scoops from 1 to 3p that day.

This is the local chain’s 19th location in the city — its 31st nationwide. (That’s a shot of one of the two brother-founders at the new store in Philly, below.) But this one will have an exclusive flavor: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, developed with Ron Silver at Bubby’s. From the press release: “The flavor features a sweet strawberry and tart rhubarb with chunks of flaky pie crust, made by Bubby’s restaurant, folded into creamy buttermilk ice cream.”

The shop will stock 20+ ice cream and vegan ice cream flavors along with waffle cones, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, milkshakes, and pints to-go.



  1. This is dangerous for me! I’m embarrassed how many times I’ve had a craving at 11PM and walked 20 minutes to the one on Houston. It’ll be nice to have one nearby and I’m excited to try the Bubby’s flavor!

  2. Fantastic!…My wife and I were just craving ice cream the other night at 11pm.

  3. Though I want to say congrats for investing in Tribeca, I also want to say, that this is not a good move as we have two small mom and pop ice cream stores within two blocks of each other. Please and hope everyone supports our small ice cream shops. Again, happy but not happy.

    • I think there is more than enough room for more ice cream and really this is a very different product than what we have currently in tribeca. My only hope is that this drives away the ice cream trucks that are constantly blowing fumes and exhaust into the park.

    • i’m new to the neighborhood—where are the mom and pop icecream shops?