Jerry Nadler has been redistricted out of Tribeca

I will run a bigger post this afternoon or tomorrow — there’s more news on the redistricting for us — but for now, the big news is that Congressional District 10 has been truncated to exclude Jerry Nadler’s home, and he will run against another OG, Carolyn Maloney of the Upper East Side.

As you may recall the district’s nickname was always “Zabar’s to Nathan’s.” No more. It now could be something like “the White Horse to Holy Schnitzel” since the district’s northern boundary is now more or less 16th Street and Coney Island has been carved out as well — the district ends just south of Borough Park. (And I have no references for the food institutions of Borough Park.)

Nadler, who has held the seat since 1992 and lives near Lincoln Center, has said that if the new borders are finalized as they are likely to be on Friday, he will run for District 12 against Maloney and other challengers. More here from The City.

As of now, the only candidate who lives in the district is Tribecan Brian Robinson. However, candidates do not have to live in the district to run for office, but that’s a whole other thing to consider.

Fidi state Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou sent around a press release that she is considering running for the seat, and somewhere I heard a rumor that Brad Hoylman, the state senator for much of downtown, might also run.




  1. Thank god we’re free of Nadler. But let’s hope we aren’t shackled with DeBlasio who has apparently expressed interest in running for the open seat.

    • ” […] Ex-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told a state lawmaker he plans to run for New York’s newly drawn 10th Congressional district — the seat entrenched Rep. Jerrold Nadler is vacating to fight it out with former longtime ally Rep. Carolyn Maloney in the rejigged 12th.

      ” De Blasio told state Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein (D-Borough Park) Tuesday afternoon that ‘he is committed to running in the race.’

      ” ‘He’s in, he’s running – he’s calling people,’ said Eichenstein, telling The Post de Blasio had a list of donors and other elected officials to inform.

      ” ‘Based on the conversation that I had with him earlier today, he is running for Congress in the new NY-10 congressional district.’

      ” ‘He called me earlier this afternoon. While I will keep our conversation private, I will confirm that we spoke for over 20 minutes about his decision to run for this district.’ […]

      “But another source told The Post that Pinny Ringel, who worked as de Blasio’s City Hall liaison to the Orthodox Jewish community, on Monday called a community leader in Brooklyn to gauge support for his boss and present a case in favor of his candidacy.

      ” ‘He’s not going to get Orthodox support,’ said the source. ‘The average Joe on the street believes de Blasio is the worst mayor ever.’ […]”

    • If he gets on the ballot and anyone, anyone at all, votes for him :super angry:

  2. I’m for Robinson. He’s well liked downtown and actually takes public safety seriously. I’ve met him. Cool, liberal but not unrealistic… and pretty good looking which never hurts

  3. You all can sweat out De Blasio’s bid for “redemption” — I’ll be glad to keep voting for Jerry Nadler where I am, especially over Carolyn Maloney.

  4. You all know that de Blasio isn’t depending on much support from readers of Tribeca Citizen, right?

  5. De Blasio destroyed our city! No one should vote for this corrupt political clown.

  6. I wonder if de Blasio will show up at the Saturday farmers market to campaign and interact with voters- oh never mind that’s too early in the morning for him.