Sneak Peek: PS at Pine & Polk

More next week when I can chat with the owners — Lindsay Weiss and Alyssa Golub — but I was lucky to get a sneak peak at PS — an abbreviation for Pacific Standard, but also PS as in “PS: we’re glad you’re here” — the new speakeasy hidden behind the chocolate at Pine & Polk, a specialty provisions shop on Spring and Hudson. (That’s the old Union Bar + Kitchen space and it is totally transformed.) The shop is open; the bar opens tonight.

The store/front (get it?) happens to carry these gluten free Cult crackers I love, but more than that, it hides a very sweet and sophisticated cocktail bar. The décor is lush, beautiful and comfortable and the service very relaxed and friendly. There’s not any attitude despite the speakeasy thing. I also *think* the giant velvet curtains can be pulled back, which would mean the room could really be chameleon-like.

If last night was a sample, the bar snacks will be top-rate. Think encrusted olives stuffed with blue cheese; the most delicious onion rings dipped in sour cream; grazing boards with popcorn and spiced nuts. Part of the concept is that you can take the products home with you as well, and they will even assemble a board or basket for your next party.

More TK but in the meantime, if you can’t wait:

Pine & Polk
300 Spring just west of Hudson
Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

Monday-Sunday: 4pm-12am


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  1. Hello!

    How do I make a reservation for PS? Can I make a reservation for 2 on 5/26 at 8pm?

    Thank you!