Man shot on Q train as it approaches Canal Street

A 48-year-old man was shot yesterday morning — police recorded it at 11:42 a.m. — on the Q train as it approached the Canal Street station at Broadway. He died of his injuries shortly afterwards at Belleview Hospital.

Daniel Enriquez of Park Slope was riding on the Manhattan-bound train and seated in the last car when the suspect shot at him at close range. No one else was injured though there were other people on the car.

“According to witnesses, the suspect was walking back and forth in the same train car and, without provocation, pulled out a gun and fired at the victim at close range as the train was crossing the Manhattan Bridge. When the train pulled into the Canal Street station, the suspect fled from the train,” NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said at a briefing in the station yesterday afternoon.

The chief said they pushed a lot more officers into the subway system as a result.



  1. Why would anyone want to come back to/move to this city? Despite all the nice things happening post-covid, we have this violence going on day-in and day-out without any real action by our so called “leaders”. And the fact that the COL (rent, food, utilities, etc.) has increased dramatically just makes this all that much more of a joke.

    • Do you mean the explosion of the rat population as one of those nice things happening post-covid? I agree with your point totally.

  2. I fully enjoy living in the city…but also enjoy the irony that two people complaining about the city are posting in a forum dedicated to what’s going on in the city….

    Pick a lane?