Jin Market will close for good in two weeks

Jin Market, aka 111 Hudson Market located just south of N. Moore, has not renewed its lease and will close on June 19. Even if you’ve never stepped foot in the place, I don’t need to tell you what a blow this is to the neighborhood. Let’s just hope another market will take its place. (Thanks to G. for the heads up.)

The sign on the counter said the market had been there for 10 years, but there has been a market in that spot for many decades previously. The real estate listing — the retail condo is for sale — says there’s been a market there for 80 years, but neighbors recall that it was a nightclub called Ones from 1975 till at least 1981. “I can attest to the fact that no one went in there to buy groceries,” wrote Tony Towle in comments.

The listing also said that the commercial unit could be delivered empty, since the lease expired in November and they had a potential three-year extension (but clearly did not take it). The asking price is $9.25 million.

The market’s note said that after “two plus years of Covid 19 hardship plus other unforeseen circumstances, we could not renew our lease.” They added: “111 Hudson Market and staff sincerely thank you for the 10 years of your wonderful patronage. Sadly, we say our goodbyes and wish you the best!”

Scrolling through the city’s property records, it seems the board of managers of the condo has put a lien on the retail condo owner at least twice, in 2014 for nonpayment of charges, and in February 2021 for $155K in unpaid assessments. The building was condoed up in 2008, and at that time the store was sold for just over $1 million.

Work is definitely planned for the building; that’s why the DOT moved the Citi Bike dock there to N. Moore. The DOB issued a permit in October for interior and exterior repairs: replacing the concrete floor slab and steel beams, replacing the columns at the sidewalk level, adding a new steel hatch in the sidewalk and repairing the fire escapes.



  1. This makes me so sad – but I get it. They were a life saver during covid and after but they lost all of their lunch business when Citibank closed down. They are lovely people and I wish them well.

  2. Jin has been there since at least 1987- they changed legal names at least 3 times since then, and expanded a couple, but they have been a constant presence here for a long time. Used to be open 24 hours a day until the pandemic, so you could always get something if need be- for a city that never sleeps, there is less and less available in Tribeca in the overnight hours.

  3. Bell Bates used to be next door….a looooong time ago. Used to go there to buy 6 packs while living on Franklin. Maybe occasional bag of Bali shag (lol)!

    • Was it Bell Bates in that location? I remember the store Commodities located at the corner of N. Moore and Hudson (which later moved to the East Village).

      • yes, it was commodities at the corner. I have some photos of the 4 corners of N Moore St. & Hudson St. my friend shot in 1993.

  4. Yes,I remember when they opened. Greatest place. Also loved the health food store on the corner,with the old wood floors. My friend lived in 111 Hudson,and that was when Bubby’s first opened. To this day I have a large stain glass window found in the basement from there. I even put the number 111 on the condo glass. It was the beginning of it all,in the neighborhood. El Teddy’s,etc.

  5. Bell Bates was at Reade and West Broadway for years until it moved down the street. I moved to Tribeca in 1981 and it was already there and had been for a long time.

  6. I used to go to the One’s (111 Hudson) also Club Tribeca that was on N.Moore next to LaConda when that was just a parking lot and the Amazon Club on pier 25 when I was a young man living in BayRidge Bklyn…15 years later I moved from Bay Ridge to N.Moore and the Gin market was a go to for the few people that lived in the neighborhood.. so sad to see it go. Best of luck to the owners and the employees and thank you for servicing the neighborhood.

  7. And another one hits the dust. Is Morgan’s next? Was recently in Crown Heights and the streets are lined with small shops selling all kind of goods, hardware stores, household stuff, Korean markets, small eateries etc etc. Now that is a real neighborhood. Ours has now become a venue for triple decker strollers to battle one another. on the sidewalks.