The Dark Horse will close this Friday

The Dark Horse, the sports bar on Murray that has been there for at least 12 years in this incarnation, will close on June 10. B. and B. both sent notes and I confirmed with manager Shain Gallagher. He’s planning to have a DJ and some live music on Friday “to give a good send-off to the regulars.” It’s a shame to make it through the pandemic and then be forced to close.

The word on the street seems to be that the owner of the space — the building is a condo — no longer wants a bar there (perhaps he also owns upstairs…). The employees just learned about the closing two days ago. I just hope the owner has a plan and won’t leave the spot empty, especially since things are pretty quiet on Murray these days.

If I am reading the city records correctly, the commercial unit was sold in 2012 for $1.9 million.

The bar was once called 17 Murray, and in 2010 new owners named it the Dark Horse. It got a face lift in 2015, with a new façade and a renovated interior.



  1. I worked a couple of blocks away and went there under both names. The food was good – great wings! It’s sad but maybe they’ll open someplace else, which would be nice. I feel bad that the employees didn’t get much notice. I wish them good luck in finding a job fast.

  2. I went there today for a burger and saw a dark empty bar. I used to go there in the 80s when Ron Darling and Art Shamsky owned the place.