Seen & Heard: Where do I start?

Is it the fact that this monstrosity was blocking the bike lane? Or double parked in front of City Hall? Or had Florida plates? Or maybe it’s just the unabashed Trump adulation from gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani — yes, that Andrew Giuliani — that made me want to key this truck yesterday. Somehow he will be in the Republican primary on June 28.

Casa Carmen, the new Mexican on Franklin, is soft launching brunch starting this Sunday. They’ll be taking walk-ins for limited seating from 11a to 4p. They’re not taking reservations just yet (for brunch, but dinner res are here), which means you will have to be spontaneous.

Cristina Grajales, whose eponymous gallery just moved from Greene Street to 50 Vestry (more TK) has two shows up through the summer: Via Lactea (Milky Way) presenting the work of Paula Hayes, Randy Polumbo and Robert Wilson. Hayes will unveil a series of hand-blown glass comets, alongside a selection of her silicone planters, resin birdbaths, and giant terrariums; Polumbo uses reimagined materials and experiments with organic matter; Wilson presents a series of cast truncated pyramids and hand-blown deer, in conjuction with The Corning Museum of Glass.

Just caught sight of Jerrell’s Betr Brgr, a new late-night vegan burger fast casual in that odd wedge of a building on Sixth Avenue on the northwest corner with Watts. The burgers are plant-based, the fries are potatoes, and the shakes are oat milk. Someone report back…



  1. The vegan burger joint Betr Brgr is really good, and the people who work there are so nice. I always make it a point of stopping there before heading to Trader Joes… and i THINK i saw they have delivery on one of the popular apps…

  2. Jerrell’s has been opened since the summer 2021. Jerrell has very successfully mimicked the taste of a Micky D’s burger in vegan form. It’s delicious “healthy” fast food, but the price point reflects the neighborhood; a burger, fries and shake, tax, tip run in the $20-25 range.

  3. I am a Democrat and you have NO RIGHT to say you want to KEY A TRUCK WITH ANDREW GUILIANI on it! Do not express your polictical opinons on this newsletter we all receive !! It is wrong !!I had to say what party I am a part of because I will be targareted in the comments here. What has OUR party done for this city? CRIMINALS have more rights now than us. Crime is at a record High ! Our Mayor and police commisoner can’t get rid of Bail Reform with these Sick judges that let criminals out after commiting the same crime over and over. I hope someone comes in and makes our city safe again. I don’t care who but someone to change the laws here we becoming just like Cali!!!

    • amen! preach on.

    • amen!
      you point out exactly how we got into this mess.its people like that who think they need to resent or hate anything associated with the republican party or ideology when in reality (and behind closed doors) they feel the exact opposite.
      that’s why they are called liberal elites.

      • citizen, thank you!! everyone else is AFRAID TO SPEAK THEIR MIND! OUR CITY IS A DISASTER BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE WHO LEAD HERE THE DEMOCRATS!! lets call it what it is! and Tribeca Citizen has no rights to put anything up like this!!

    • It’s not that he is a Republican — I come from a very long line of Republicans — it is that he served Trump. Anyone who did is not a friend to this city.

      • Tribeca Citizen, are you serious? SO NO Political Democrat leaders are corrupt? Like Our President now is an angel? How about the idiot mayor Deblasio that destroyed our city! YOUR PLAYING POLITICS ON OUR NEWSLETTER!! STOP IT NOW! I AM TIRED OF READING ABOUT IT HERE!!

        • Then find another outlet for your obvious anger issues.

          • Anger? HAHA! a community newsletter that wants to KEY A TRUCK NOW THATS ANGER!! GIVE IT A BREAK

        • Trump Trump Trump. Its all we here, if he is such a moron why dictate so much time and devotion to talking about him years later.

          Trump was right in that there was and still is Trump Derangement Syndrome. Democrats so obsessed with Trump they have let everything turn to crap instead of reacting to what should be done.

          I’m a democrat but lets be honest, everything was better under Trump, except for the noise that came out of his twitter.

          Move on people!

          • Big Al, they still worried about Trump not this falling New York City with Bail reform !! our mayor and police commisioner who are both apart of the democrat party cant even get rid of it!! But they obsessed with Trump!! get over it that was yesterday.

          • I was on your side Big Al. hopefully we all ( no matter what party you belong to) can vote in people who keep our city safe. I am done for the day.

          • We can’t move on – he’s still a huge threat to the country. He’s still involved in a rolling coup attempt.

        • @Native,

          Why are you writing like a kindergartner? Being mad doesn’t mean adults have license to use all caps, run on sentences, and unnecessary punctuation. Most people will just ignore this hysterical drivel since it’s impossible to read intelligently.

          • hey I agree. 100 percent. I guess I was angry at the moment I seen ” I want to Key the truck”! Instead of focusing on my Punctuation focus on what was written. Or do you want to distract people on focusing what was actually written!

          • think its time for you had a nap Native.

      • I’m not a fan of Donaldus Rex, but must note that YOU are the problem. Violence and destruction of property is never OK.

      • I welcome you to express your views when you see fit. And I share your view of Andrew Giuliani’s preposterous attempt to run for governor – and the Trumpy truck in the bike lane by City Hall.
        You rarely take a political position (that I’m aware of) and even this isn’t that – it’s pointing out the obvious. Andrew Giuliani is a privileged know-nothing clown – just like Trump – and his candidacy is an insult to the people of this state. There’s no sense of mission there other than to try to use his much dullied name to get ahead.

    • Amen and thank you 🙏

  4. The truck is vile. The glass works is beautiful.

  5. I love Tribeca Citizen and the information it provides. People offended by it should not read it.

  6. PARTISANSHIP should not be displayed on this newsletter. Believe me I am not the only one that feels this way. Others are too afraid to speak up. stating you want to ” key a car” that is not right. hating specific parties or people on here isn’t right either. I love this newsletter. this isnt the first time I seen something like this.

  7. I have no problem with you expressing a political view but to suggest that the appropriate action is to key the vehicle of a candidate you don’t like??? What’s next…looting and burning…because after all, the merchant’s insurance will cover the loss. Come on, Pam…you’re better than this.

    • Thank you!

    • Oh my gosh, honestly? You thought I was actually going to key a car? And yes, I do put opinions on the Tribeca Citizen. You get to post yours anonymously, because I allow it, but maybe that should change…

      • Ahhh the old democrat trick of saying whatever you like then ‘omg are you serious, i was joking, you are the stupid one for believing me’

        Versus when a republican does it – ‘omg these people are crazy, we are all doomed, i cant live here anymore, how much is a ticket to canada’

        the sideshow continues.

        • oh i forgot the 2nd democrat playbook.

          Turn it in a political swamp of degenerate comments, then threaten everyone with doxxing or cutting off when the opinions aren’t all formally aligned with the owners remit.

          This is your blog, which btw was way less toxic before it changed hands, so own it and deal with it, instead of boring threats

  8. go onto Downtown for Safer Streets or FIDI residents on Facebook. Go look what is happening downtown. We need change and now!

  9. Dear Tribeca Citizen,

    I love what you do for our community.

    In my opinion if someone does not love The Tribeca Citizen, they should go elsewhere. Maybe FOX News is a better fit? And I am not trying to be sarcastic.

    So please keep doing all of the possitive things that you do for our community.

    Again, this is just my opinion so there is zero need for other readers who may disagree with my opinion to comment on what is my opinion. I am sure we all have better things to do with our time.


    PS Casa Carmen has the best Ceviche on the planet. Again just my opinion.

  10. I absolutely love the coverage of local/city politics and feel like that is a vital service to the community. Last year with ranked voting in the primary the coverage of all the candidates was particularly helpful. If you’ve ever read the Citizen you would recognize the writing style/voice and appreciate it. For me it’s the Florida license plate that really blows my mind – anyone have a Four Seasons landscaping bumper sticker we can put on it? 

  11. It’s the Florida license plate that really blows my mind – anyone have a Four Seasons landscaping bumper sticker we can put on it?
    PS- I love the local political coverage! Heck you even make CB1 stuff interesting. I wish we had better Republican candidates because I think the city would be in a better place if we had a more competitive political landscape

  12. TriBeCa Citizen

    Upon seeing the image of the pickup and before I read the article comments my thought was a better headline might have been “The Grift Comes to Tribeca” or “Dumb Kid Hopes You’re Dumber”.

    After reading the comments either the Russian bots haven’t mastered English yet or the GOP/Trump supporters in our neighborhood haven’t.

    Either way, pay zero attention and post/publish what you like.

    I’m here for it.

  13. I’m pretty sure TC has every right to post what they want. Just like you have every right not to read it.

  14. Pam: Personally, I love what you’re doing with TC so please keep up the good work and ignore the ignorant trolls. It’s their good fortune that Erik is no longer running things here, as I can only imagine the response he would have had for them!

  15. How are you no less a bigot than many in the extreme right? Short answer: you’re not. An extremist, right or left, is all that is wrong with the USA right now.

    • I disagree. This is not a “both sides” crisis in the country now – it is primarily a problem with right wing, racist and religious extremists who have embraced Trump’s lies. The far left has its nut cases and bad actors but nothing close to what’s happening on the right. A huge segment of the population is living in an alternate reality – and they are becoming increasingly dangerous.

      • Ah, the classic “the other side has bigots so I get to be one too” defense. This author threatened the destruction of private property because the target espoused a different viewpoint. Then, in another classic move, the author says I’m kidding—all in good fun and jest. This is 100%, Grade A bigotry, but please, defend by all means.

  16. Hey Native – Feeling a little defensive and outnumbered? Biden got nearly 90% of the vote in our neighborhood. That’s one of the reasons we live here and not Texas. That and guns.

  17. Wow, this is a bit sad waking up to these comments Monday morning. Help me understand once someone says anything to elude they are from the republican party it is met with hostility, anger, and insults. The problem is us attacking each other… like really.. grow up. I really don’t care who is in office as long as they clean these streets. Once being able to walk in Tribeca without a worry which now I wait until late morning early afternoon to go outside.

  18. I retract my prior comment to publish what you like due today’s: “Somehow he will be in the Republican primary on June 28”

    Somehow?? It’s because he got the required number of legal signatures to be on the ballot, right?

    No mystery there: it’s called democracy in action.
    Are you really that short-sighted or ____?

    So DON’T VOTE FOR HIM: I won’t/can’t because, like most of your readers, I’m not a registered Republican and could not vote for him even if I wanted to do so.

    BUT “Key his truck”?? What a sinister/illegal approach to political discourse. Can’t imagine your reaction if the shoe as on the other foot!

    It’s one thing for readers to comment as the mood strikes them, but seems reprehensible for you to advocate keying as a political statement: it’s VANDALISM. Of course, you can reply it was sarcasm, but there’s not much ‘tone’ in print.

  19. Oh for godsakes, she didn’t say she keyed the car, she said she wanted to. When I saw the photo, I wanted to projectile-vomit. Just what we need, another entitled nepotistic right-wing ignoramus wanting to run things. Thanks for doing what you do, Pam.

  20. Good gravy! I wish people here could somehow step back from themselves for a moment — take a bird’s eye view of what’s taking place in these comments…

    The conditioned pack dog response is not a flattering look.

    How long will it be before we realize that these preconscious reactions are destructive to our health and humanity?

    The key comment was an offhand jape, a breath in a torrent, a pee in the ocean. Let it go, please.