Nosy Neighbor: Is the building at Barclay and West coming down?

A. saw the shroud on 125 Barclay, which is the 11-story building on the corner with West Street, and wondered if it was preparation for a dismantling of the whole thing.

But in fact DC 37, the municipal employee union that owns the building, is redoing the façade. It will be a significant change on the outside — looks like some more light for the tenants there on the inside as well — but not for the use. The completion date is spring 2024.

The filing at the Department of Buildings is for façade work on all 11 floors including the roof but with no change in occupancy or even egress. The are not adding stories or doing anything else significant, though there is some asbestos abatement required.

The Citi Bike dock on West and Murray has been moved to the curbside for the construction, I assume, though maybe it’s prep for the public space that the Bank of New York Mellon is creating there — they are calling it Alexander Hamilton Place, in honor of the bank’s founder — in return for eliminating the POPS that was in their lobby. I will follow up there if I can — the bank does not make it easy to get intel.




  1. DC 37 is having a rally for a new contract on Wednesday June 15 at 5-6:30PM at Foley Square.

  2. Funny, there’s a NYC retiree rally at 4:30 on Wednesday in Foley Sq.

    DC 37 is one of the City unions that sold out their retirees to fund raises for current members. Retirees won the first lawsuit, City is appealing. Assumption is that if City loses, it will force retirees into Advantage by eliminating other options.

    So much for unions being good guys,