Peruvian restaurant coming to Chambers and Church

The former Takumi/Kaede space at 90 Chambers will be a restaurant featuring the cooking of a well-known Peruvian chef and should be open soonish — they said they are aiming for July 25.

At the CB1 Licensing Committee meeting, partner Atif Ali (he was an investor in Mission Ceviche) said Artesano will have an open kitchen concept and will have an executive chef brought in from Peru via Florida — Rodrigo Fernandini, who has a solid CV and a big following for his Peruvian fusion restaurant in St. Pete — Ayllu. Artesano will be fine dining and traditional. The term artesano means ‘hand crafted’ and they will apply that literally with imported and handmade bowls and plates from South America, and also with the ingredients, design and cuisine.

The space will have seating for 64 at 16-20 tables, plus 12 seats at the bar (no TVs) over 1800 square feet. Ali said they would have live instrumental music with two to three musicians, but that they want people to be able talk to each other (he also said he is adding acoustic panels to the walls). The video below on Instagram will give you a sense of it.

The owner originally asked the committee for 2a on the weekdays and 4a on the weekends, but CB1 would only approve 10p on Sundays, Monday to Thursday till midnight and till 1a on Friday and Saturday. Ali said that would “cool off” our business since they have a special menu served from 11p to 1a, but the committee said he can come back after six months and see how things are going.



  1. So excited for this.. peruvian food is one of the best in the world and there is a lack of good places in manhattan.. with few exceptions like Mission Ceviche

    • Agreed, like why is there not a Peruvian chicken place in Tribeca/Battery Park? Everyone loves that with rice, beans, yucca, green sauce. Mouth is watering just talking about it.

      Enough with the overpriced French/Steak restaurants and give us more great food instead.

      • Hi,

        I have been to Peruvian restaurant Panca which is relatively close and the food was excellent.
        It is to the North of Tribeca, but close by – West Village on 7th ave just south of Christopher street/ Grove..

        Steak was delicious :)