Twiggy To Go has closed permanently

Twiggy To Go, the sweet take-out spot on Church and White that was a product of established city caterer Mitchel London and restauranteur Thomas Mikolasko has closed permanently. I heard from several neighbors (thanks to S. for the pics) who first spotted the sign and who were also hugely disappointed. For some it had become a staple for reliable and good quality prepared foods.

They opened in the former Baked space in March 2021 for catering and takeout, phase one in a plan to eventually open up the back and convert the space to a full-service restaurant. It was an immediate hit with neighbors. Once the restaurant was open, the plan was to preserve the to-go operation in a secondary space in the neighborhood.

I feel the frustration on their behalf. They had a lease on the space going back to fall 2019, and over the next year and a half there would be a fire, a pandemic and a flood (in that order). They persevered, only to see things not quite recover around here — at least not yet. “We look forward to better times ahead!” their note read.



  1. Through all their perseverance what a shame.

  2. This is very sad news. It was a bit far for regular, weekly take-out for us, but everything was so fresh and well-prepared. The strawberry-rhubarb pie was one of the best pies I’ve ever had.

  3. Sad they closed. I frequently bought their prepared veggies which are much better than the horrible prepared food at Amazon Whole Foods

  4. So sad and disappointed. That was my go-to lunch spot. They always served fresh and good quality food. Wish they come back soon.

  5. It was a primary go-to place for my family and me. What a pity. They put up such a good fight against many odds, and their food was fresh and delicious. Without Clementine and Twiggy to Go (and Bouley Bakery and Tribakery, for that matter), there is no equivalent left in the neighborhood.

  6. Their blueberry scones were exceptional. Will be sorely missed.

  7. I will miss your Tarte Tatins. So sad to see you close.

  8. This is what happens if you don’t support local restaurants. I was at ajisai and it was completely empty. Got really good food but us locals just don’t support local restaurants