Is the Bean close to ready??

It’s been in process for so long it’s almost hard to imagine it finished, but if the website for 56 Leonard is up to date, and if the activity at the site is any indication, it looks like the Bean will be wrapped up — or rather unwrapped — by this fall.

This will be British sculptor Anish Kapoor’s first permanent public work in the city, and it promises to be an art destination when it is finally revealed. In recent weeks, workers were grinding, sanding and polishing the seams. The shape is made from 46 steel wedges that were lowered into place starting in fall 2019 and finishing on Oct. 30, 2021. The construction on the sculpture began in February 2019.

I’d love to have some official word on the schedule, but so far I have only hit dead ends. Will update if I get a nibble.




  1. What is the betting odds for how soon the graffiti gets started?

  2. The noise coming from whatever work they are still doing is daily and deafening.

  3. I HATE that dumb bean. It has caused so much noise pollution with the sanding. It is not worth it. It is literally just bean-shaped – how is this creative?

  4. Please make the noise stop already it’s November 2022 no signs them finishing this damn thing. It’s unkind to those of us living here it’s relentless I’m so over it and him ( kapoor)