New Kid on the Block: ZEATZ

ZEATZ, the kiosk in Bogardus Plaza, had its soft opening yesterday and I was going to give them a couple days to warm up before they became a “New Kid” but since it’s run by Zucker’s, things already seem up to speed. There’s a preview event on Thursday from 9 to 11a, and the neighborhood is invited. After that, I would say they are good to go.

The menu is not just bagels (though of course that’s an option): I was lucky enough to snag a Lexington breakfast wrap after 11a, since that was excellent. Three egg whites, spinach, just a little bit of Swiss, and piping hot. The coffee is La Colombe, the hot dogs are Feltman’s, the sliders are Pat LaFrieda and the soft serve is Blue Marble. There’s also pizza bagels, chicken tenders and my favorite item: tater tots (only theirs has a z at the end).

One feature I loved: everything was served in a paper wrapper and not a plastic clamshell or even a compostable one – and what a relief. The plaza would have had to deal with that much more garbage if this hadn’t been given some forethought. (For that matter, I don’t even need the paper bag — just the sandwich in its wrapper and a napkin or two.)

It’s a great addition to the plaza.

Bogardus Plaza
Chambers and West Broadway
7a to 5p daily



  1. Should be interesting. I do hope the staff here is nicer/friendlier than the folks in the store. Low bar but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. This is a great addition to the neighborhood. I love Zuckers. Wishing them all the best with this new venture.

  3. I too love Zuckers. Not only have I never had any problem with its employees, but I have found them to be efficient, friendly and patient dealing with a demanding clientele.