The owner of Shigure sake bar will open on Walker

The former 87 on Walker, which sadly was a victim of the pandemic and closed in February 2021, will be reopened by Takahiro Okada, the owner of Shigure sake bar, which also closed in February 2022 after a struggle.

The plan at the new space is to open “an elegant, sophisticated cocktail bar with a soft jazz vibe as an ode to Japanese culture.” (Japan has the largest proportion of jazz fans in the world, by some estimates.)

There will be no live music, however. And there was no discussion of the menu at CB1, nor a schedule, so clearly more TK soon.

The space, between Lafayette and Cortlandt Alley, will have 71 seats at tables and 18 at the bar. They wanted the hours to be noon to 2a, seven nights a week, but the committee would only give them till 2a on Friday and Saturday, 11p on Sundays.



  1. “Sounds” great…I’m all for more jazz in the neighborhood. I hope they will consider bringing in live jazz, even of the quietest and mellowest variety (if the concern is noise disturbing neighbors). It’s great that we have gems like the Roxy and the Django and other spots featuring live jazz in the area, but I’d say, the more the merrier! Let’s have a new downtown jazz scene flourishing here.

  2. Nothing good happens after 12AM, especially in NYC now, no reason for it to be open any later

  3. The more people out the safer it will be, it’s common sense. You’re just anti business and should move out of NYC if you’ve got your panties in a bunch about NYC noise.

    • Agree– late night, all night is fine. Its what makes a city a city, vibrant and safer.

    • @nyc4ever. On the contrary, in a city as densely populated as ours civility and boundaries are what make it possible, combattive and inconsiderate attitude really is not helpful.

  4. Still mourning the loss of bFlat. Are these owners affiliated with that establishment? If this is a serviceable replacement it will be a very good addition to the neighborhood.