Proposed Council District 1 ditches a chunk of the Village

In case you care, the new preliminary council district lines have been drawn up, and while it looks like other parts of the city might be gearing for a fight, ours seems logical. The new district trims off the nub that extended up to Washington Square Park, and folds in the section of the NYCHA Vladeck Houses, just south of the Williamsburg Bridge, that had been carved into District 2.

The extremely handy Redistricting & You site, created by the Center for Urban Research at the CUNY Graduate Center shows it all on an interactive map that lets you slide through the proposals. (Those are my screenshots from there.) Next the districting commission will hold five hearings in each of the boroughs to get public testimony on the new maps. The hearings are scheduled for Aug. 15, 16, 17, 18 and 22. Testimony also may be provided via Zoom during the public hearings, or by email at

I never knew that Liberty Island and the museum part of Ellis Island were in the district, though of course it makes sense.

Perhaps more interesting is their crunching of the 2020 Census data:

Asian 31%
Black 4.4%
Hispanic 12.4%
White (non-Hispanic) 47.1%

The new district will be a bit smaller, down to 173,428. And the ratios are slightly different:
Asian 32.5%
Black 4.8%
Hispanic 13.6%
White (non-Hispanic) 44.2%

The population has been on the rise here, of course, over time:
149,000 in 2000
168,000 in 2010
184,000 in 2020.