Bill de Blasio drops out of NY-10 race

Bill de Blasio just announced on Twitter that he has dropped out of the race for our congressional seat, leaving (by my count) the other dozen candidates to duke it out in the Democratic primary on August 23.

“It’s clear the people of #NY10 are looking for another option and I respect that,” he wrote. “Time for me to leave electoral politics and focus on other ways to serve. I am really grateful for all the people I met, the stories I heard and the many good souls who helped out. Thank you all!”

Still running — at least as of now, based on the NYC Board of Elections site — are:

Brian Robinson
Mondaire Jones
Jo Anne Simon
Elizabeth Holtzman
Dan Goldman
Maud Maron
Carlina Rivera
Yan Xiong
Yuh-Line Niou
Jimmy Li
Quanda Francis
Peter Gleason



  1. He should be taking time to read HowToHandleRejection dot com. Now he can pay back the $300k he owes and his wife should cough up some money as well.

  2. Good riddance to BillyBoy. He wants to destroy our neighborhood with his Soho/Noho upzoning plan-a clear last gasp give away to his real estate cronies before leaving as mayor. So he is out of the picture, but we still have to contend with this damaging legacy. Rivera is still running and she supports the upzoning-do NOT vote for her.

    • I am no fan of Rivera (or Billy the Kid). That said, how does the reality of the Soho / Noho rezoning materially differ from how Tribeca was rezoned?