Sports bar coming to the former Barleycorn space

A sports bar is coming to the former Barleycorn space at 23 Park Place — Brickyard Craft Kitchen — which will have seating for 112 plus another 36 at the bar.

They did not call themselves a sports bar, but they plan to have 40(!) TVs so that was the tip-off. It’s a big space — 6000 square feet going through the block to Murray.

The operator, Carlos Rosario, already has a liquor license for a bar in Chelsea, in Community Board 4, that opened in 2018. He also has a grocery in Brooklyn that he’s had for 20 years. His lawyer called him a “seasoned operator” who’s been vetted by CB4.

He agreed to the hours of noon to midnight on the weekends, with noon to 10p on Sundays.

Murray Street residents asked via a letter to the committee that the Murray Street entrance not be used for groups and that it close earlier — at 9p — and also that the garbage go out on the Park Place side. Rosario was fine with those plans.

Barleycorn closed in May 2019, after the Tent & Trails building collapse in December 2018; the vacate order was still on their building when they threw in the towel.



  1. Can a sports bar close at midnight on weekends? You’d never see the end of west coast games.

  2. What a joke this community board is.

  3. Excited to see this place open!! Was worried when it missed World Cup and American Football, but catching March Madness should be in it’s favor..

  4. Glad to have another sports bar in the area! Looking forward to checking it out.

  5. Brickyard is now OPEN and they stayed open until 11pm on Saturday when we went for March Madness. It is awesome, the staff is super friendly, and we used the Murray street exit to leave. I’m glad that the 9pm restriction was disregarded because that is ridiculous. Go enjoy Brickyard ASAP.