Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church will open this summer

The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine at the World Trade Center was consecrated on July 4 and will be open to the public later this summer. In the meantime, monks from Mount Athos in Greece still need to finish the iconographic program — the painted imagery — inside the church.

The exterior really is quite striking, and should be even more so at night. Even the vents have Greek crosses in repeat. If you are anxious to see the inside, scroll through the video below of the consecration.

It’s been a 21-year saga since the original church was destroyed on 9/11. In 2011, an agreement was struck between the Port Authority and the church to build at Liberty Park; three years later Santiago Calatrava, who designed the Oculus, was chosen to design the church. The plan stalled out in 2017 and was revived by a new non-profit; overall $95 million has been raised to build the church.

More when it opens to the public.