Nosy Neighbor: When will the buckets at Pier 25 work again?

L., who, I will note, is a bit too old to care, wrote to complain that the buckets in the Pier 25 water play area are no longer doing their thing, which is dump large amounts of water on folks’ heads. (Again, this is supposed to be for children, yet this is the photo I have to use.)

“It’s my favorite part of the park,” he wrote. “Any idea why they don’t repair them?”

The Hudson River Park Trust confirmed that the buckets indeed are no longer working, thanks to a faulty pipe leading to them. However, the rest of the water play area is working, so they are not planning to repair it until off-season, when the water play area is not being used. They will have to close part of the playground to do the work and they don’t want to disturb the activity there in the summer.

L. will have to find another way to cool off in the meantime.