Newish Kid in Soho: Crispy Heaven

After I wrote a post on L’Abeille, the new French restaurant on Greenwich and Laight, and mentioned Crispy Heaven, the bakery they are using for their bread, commenters quickly chimed in.

From Franklin Foodie: “Not only is the bread fantastic at Crispy Heaven, but the (deceptively simple) almond cake is pure unadulterated joy!! Plus, the owner (also head baker) is a such a pleasure to speak with – her breads are old world wonderful with incredible crusts and inner pillows of deliciousness.”

From NerdPete: “We have been devouring the amazing bread at Crispy Heaven weekly since they opened (walk the dog over, throw a baguette under my arm and a couple of their chocolate chip cookies in a bag for the husband and we are set!).”

And from AaronK: “Crispy Heaven is the best bread downtown right now. I crave it constantly and its a 5-minute walk from my house. Bad combination.”

Fel Cassieli was born in the Czech Republic and worked as a fashion model before opening the bakery in March 2021. She landed in the city about five years ago.

“I have basically learned baking bread at home myself,” she wrote in an email when I reached out on Instagram. “Baking for my friends and family, everyone was encouraging me to open a real bakery, so I actually made it to Soho.”

She has a very sweet setup on Grand Street, offering not just bread but some sweets (cookies, cakes), sandwiches, pizzas, eggs, Italian coffees and the best thing: house-made butter. She specializes in baking European-style breads and baguettes — sourdough, baguettes, rolls and miche, a rye-based sourdough. The business recently got a beer and wine license, so they are now open Friday and Saturday for dinner.

I grabbed a sourdough loaf, which had hints of caraway and for sure the crispiest crust and a fluffy, light inside — super soft and flavorful. The chocolate chip cookies are thick and rich, with giant dark chocolate chips and a chewy consistency. Next time I am going for the (gluten free) almond cake, though my friend H. swears by the Poolish bread, which ferments for 36 hours.

NB: no laptops allowed, and when I was there, no air conditioning either but that might be a fluke.

Crispy Heaven
38 Grand | West Broadway & Thompson
Sunday to Thursday, 8a to 6p
Friday and Saturday, 8a to 10p



  1. I am happy you did a post on them……. As long as crowds don’t have them running out of their caraway seed rolls.

  2. Thanks for running a piece on them, Pam. Between Crispy Heaven, Grandaisy, and Frenchette Bakery, we are quite lucky to have so many wonderful choices for fantastic baked goods!

  3. Yes it is certainly a great addition to the bread neighborhood. Very good baguettes and other baked goods. Well worth the short walk from here.