The Times endorses Dan Goldman for NY-10 seat

The Times has endorsed Tribecan Dan Goldman for our 10th Congressional District seat, picking him over their second choice of US Rep. Mondaire Jones, who just moved to the city in order to run for this open seat when he was politically boxed out of his in Rockland.

The Times said, “Those who have worked with Mr. Goldman behind the scenes describe him as diligent and prepared and a person of integrity” and “Mr. Goldman’s law enforcement experience offers a valuable perspective at a time when New Yorkers are concerned about public safety” and “his uncommon experience, particularly his knowledge of congressional oversight and the rule of law, could prove especially valuable in Congress in coming years.”

Read more about Goldman in the TCQ&A here, the Times endorsement here, or the Times editorial board interview with him here.

In the Q&A, he covers climate change, Ukraine, term limits for Congress, building more affordable housing in New York, protecting Democracy, Democratic Party values, abortion rights and Bubby’s. Oh, and again, congestion pricing: “I think we need a lot more funding for electrification of mass transit. I support congestion pricing in New York City, and I would hope that the money that’s derived from that will go to electrifying buses and other transportation. And then, here in New York City, resiliency is a huge issue and making sure that we don’t suffer from another superstorm Sandy.”


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