Some sneak peeks at the hotel at 456 Greenwich

Word is that Fouquet’s New York, the newest location of the French company Hotel Barrière being developed by Capsi at 456 Greenwich, is opening on Sept. 4 and it looks like things are just about ready, at least on the ground floor.

More of course when they open, but for now: 97 rooms and suites, two restaurants (Brasserie Fouquet’s and Par Ici Café) and a bar (Titsou) on the ground floor, as well as a spa and movie theater. There was supposed to be a rooftop bar on the 8th floor (see this post) but as of now it’s not on the website. The hotel is using the address of 28 Desbrosses.



  1. Can migrants be housed here? All of this sanctuary city should step up.

  2. Not exactly the sort of clientele they had in mind.
    I live across the street. So far so good.
    Wait for the grandiose wedding bookings.
    Already happening with Tribeca Rooftops supplying a noisier venue for folks.
    For now, most of us locals say welcome to the neighborhood Fouquet’s