Seen & Heard: Friedmans coming to Goldman breezeway

Friedmans, the local chain that started in the Chelsea Market in 2009, is opening a location in the Goldman breezeway next to Wei West. Their goal is spring 2023. This from the company: “A menu that inspires today’s tastes with an emphasis on gluten free dining. Service that’s cordial, but not overpowering in a comfortable environment. We welcome the neighborhood to join us for breakfast, lunch & dinner seven days a week.”

Cocoon, the play space on Greenwich and Duane, will host an Early Education Expo on Saturday, Sept. 10, outside in front of their facility, with two time slots: 12:30 to 2:30p or 2:30 to 4:30p. Program directors from several downtown schools will be there to answer questions. The event is free but requires registration. See the links above to register for a specific time slot.

HPR Mamas is organizing its annual back-to-school clothing and shoe drive with Giving Factory Direct, where you can donate used clothing directly to a specific child who needs it from the comfort of your home. (And they even cover the shipping). Use Group Code HRPMamas2022 when donating so they can track their impact.

If you are in the habit of speeding on the Westside Highway, where there are speed cameras just south of Chambers (you know who you are), NB that the cameras are 24/7 as of August 1. The city’s 2,000 automated speed cameras were previously authorized by the state to operate only on weekdays, between 6a and 10p. A state law signed last week by the governor now allows the cameras to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



  1. That’s surprising that the speed cameras had limited hours. Why were they ever limited? Surely people speed just as much, if not more, on the weekends and at night.

    • City/state political b.s. and leverage.

      The city overcame initial objections by starting the program in school zones and school hours, i.e., running the “Won’t someone think of the children?” political ploy to overcome the Big Brother objections. The program has expanded in geographic scope and hours of operation since, like a Trojan horse.

  2. I believe they are in school zones. The hours corresponded to school hours. In NYC there are a lot of schools, so now having them 24 hours a day gets us good coverage. About time.

  3. I’m all for the traffic violation cameras. They are needed on the streets around the Holland Tunnel inlets and exits also, and all along Canal Street. And not just for speeding. Should also ticket those who block intersections and run red lights. It’s always chaos around the tunnel especially at rush hour (which lasts at least 3 hours).

    And enforce the noise laws for vehicles as well. Like this:

    New York Rolling Out Noise Law, Listening Tech for Souped-Up Speedsters

    (And appropriate that my Captcha was traffic lights)

  4. What happened to Friedmans. It never opened?

  5. Can somebody please tell me where the Goldman Breezeway is?