Dan Goldman has won the primary for the 10th Congressional District — just barely

After a short but lively primary season, with, at one time, 15 candidates competing for an open seat, Tribecan and former federal prosecutor Dan Goldman has won the Democratic primary for our 10th Congressional District seat, beating Fidi Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou by 1300 votes. From the NYC Board of Elections with 98.7 percent of scans reported:

Dan Goldman – 25.7 percent
Yuh-Line Niou – 23.7 percent
Mondaire Jones – 18 percent
Carlina Rivera – 17 percent
Jo Anne Simon – 6 percent

If you voted, you saw 11 candidates on the ballot, but the race came down to three candidates in addition to Goldman and Niou: Rivera, the District 2 city councilwoman; Jones, a sitting congressman from Rockland County; and Simon, a state assemblywoman from Brooklyn.

Tribecan Brian Robinson, Soho resident Maud Maron and former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman also campaigned till the bitter end.

You can read more about Goldman here. This was the MSNBC host’s first run for office. In the end, the endorsement from the Times no doubt gave him a huge boost despite attacks from other candidates about his wealth (he is a Levi Strauss heir and put millions into his own campaign) and some unprogressive views (he is against bail reform).

In total nearly 69,000 votes were counted; Goldman has 16,686 and Niou has 15,380. In the new district, there are 355,000 registered Democratic voters, so just about 20 percent turned out. (You can’t help but wonder what Congress would look like if everyone was required to vote.)

Goldman will face 28-year-old Borough Park resident Benine Hamdan, who ran uncontested in the Republican primary, on Election Day.

The seat, held for three decades by Jerry Nadler, was redrawn by state Democrats, then rejected in court and redrawn again by a court-appointed expert. That put Nadler in a race with fellow representative Carolyn Maloney for the 12th Congressional District, now made up of the Upper West and Upper East sides. And with 98 percent of scans reported, Nadler has won his new district’s primary handily, with 55 percent.

Also on the ballot was our state assembly seat, which incumbent Brian Kavanagh won handily with 58 percent of the vote. BPC resident Vittoria Fariello captured 29 percent, and Tribecan Dayela Souza Egorov 12 percent.



  1. What a shame. Four million dollars and a NYT endorsement is responsible for at least some of the votes. Time will tell what the millionaire is in it for. Niou is way way more qualified.

  2. I was really on the fence about Niou and some of her beliefs on the Middle East. Perhaps the close election will keep Daniel G. on his tippy toes. He isn’t without focus and skill. I be missing my Jerry though.

  3. ” […] Yuh-Line Niou, a state assemblywoman who finished second to Daniel S. Goldman in August’s Democratic primary, declared that she would not seek a rematch using the Working Families Party ballot line in November after all.

    ” ‘We are conceding the primary, and I will not be on the WFP line for the general,’ Ms. Niou, 39, said, referring to the Working Families Party, during a seven-minute video she posted to Twitter around 9 p.m. […]”