Trash fires and explosions awaken Fidi residents

A man spent three hours in the early morning yesterday looting a store and setting fire to trash awaiting pick up on several streets in the Financial District, awakening residents even many stories above with the smell of smoke and the sounds of small explosions. (M. and L. sent the photos and video, below.)

Police say that over three hours, between 2 and 5a, around William, Cliff and Water streets, a mattress and dozens of piles of trash were lit on fire, causing damage to the nearby buildings and a parked car. The fires were extinguished by the FDNY and police arrested Wildanio Guareno, of 1400 Story Ave. (which police said is Manhattan, but Story Avenue is in Soundview in the South Bronx) a little after 7a at the corner of Nassau and Beekman.

Guareno was charged with criminal mischief for each arson incident, arson for each fire and petit larceny.

Here is the full report from the NYPD:

  • 9/1/22 at 0239hrs inside of 52 William Street, mattress was lit on fire
  • 9/1/22 at 0310hrs inside of 32 Old Slip, defendant removed over $500 worth of items from the location
  • 9/1/22 at 0455hrs opposite of 32 Cliff Street, pile of trash was lit on fire casing damage and charring to a parked vehicle (2010 Chevrolet).
  • 9/1/22 at 0449hrs in front of 101 Maiden Lane, pile of trash was lit outside of the building causing cracking of the glass window
  • 9/1/22 at 0453hrs in the rear of 180 Water Street, pile of trash was lit outside of the building causing damage and charring to the building



  1. Based on the reformed bail statute, arson is a qualifying felony offense allowing the judge to place the defendant in custody (or set bail). That’s not even including other qualifications the defendant himself might trigger (on probation already, etc) for bail to be set.

    Lotsa disinformation out there. Please be careful folks.

    • Goodness, you’re so short sighted to defend the current state of bail reform. Look at the state of this city! Clowns everywhere

    • Maybe you’re forgetting that judges are required by law to set the least least restrictive conditions possible which often means ridiculously low bail or something useless like “supervised release”.

  2. Used to live at 100 Maiden Lane and that building was a dumpster fire. I guess now it’s literally dumpster fire. But I am sorry for the businesses harmed!

  3. This is insanity.. how did this go on for 3 hours????