Reade Street Pub is now Bar 135 and it’s open

Bar 135, which for many decades was Reade Street Pub, is pouring as of last night — a soft open as they ramp up to a full service gastropub. I’ll do another post once the kitchen is ready, but in the meantime, the space is freshened up significantly but still cozy and even on day one, feels like a neighborhood bar.

The owner is longtime Tribecan Jude Sheehan, a former chef at Walker’s who for years was also the head of food service at Christ Church Day School and most recently ran his own catering company. (That’s him on the right with bartender Aleks Bulajic.) He hopes to have the kitchen ready for orders in a few weeks, and in the meantime, he is passing out samples as a warmup.

NB on tap: Torch & Crown brews from up the street in Soho.

A saloon has been operating in that space since at least 1878: Brian Barasky ran it as Reade Street Pub starting in 1997 till he sold the building and closed the bar in May 2021; before that it was McGovern’s, which opened in 1969.

A bit of the real estate history, since who can resist an ACRIS search? I was sure the new owners would redevelop the building, after paying $4.65 million for it from Bruce Barasky, Brian’s father. Bruce Barasky bought the building for $500K in 1969 from Charles McGovern, and I believe McGovern bought it from Mary King. The city Department of Finance records stop there.

Bar 135
135 Reade Street | Hudson & Greenwich
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  1. “For years Reade Street, first mapped in 1761, represented New York City’s northern boundary. The block between West Broadway and Greenwich Street was part of the ‘Church Farm,’ granted to Trinity Church by Queen Anne. Around 1800 the church began to offer house plots with 21-year leases. […]

    “In 1945 the Episcopal Church sold No. 135 Reade Street to real estate operators John H. Borger, Inc. At the time the property was assessed at $28,000–about $375,000 today. Prohibition had ended 12 years earlier and the ground floor returned to its long tradition of housing a tavern. […]”


  2. Oh fun, and just in time for Football season!! I think there are turning out to be some great options this football season (last year was very limited)

  3. Good Luck Jude! Can’t wait to come!

  4. The place looks great. I can’t wait to try out the full menu, but if the dishes Jude served out of the kitchen the night I was there for all to taste are any indication Tribeca is in for a real treat.

    Wishing Jude the best of luck!

  5. Place is amazing! Great vibes! This will be my new local for sure.

  6. Bar 135 feels like an old-time neighborhood bar/restaurant that has been catapulted into the 21st century with style, warmth and ease. Great photos of old New York enhance the brick walls while friendly bartenders make it easy to stay and hang out for a while. And Oh My! Chef Jude Sheehan is working his magic with interesting and delicious fare from his kitchen. No reason to go anywhere else in the neighborhood.

  7. Bar 135 will become a new Tribeca institution. It’s the perfect neighborhood bar – nice but unpretentious, dimly lit, great music, welcoming staff and excellent drinks. Jude is an outstanding chef and I know once the food is fully rolled out, it will truly have it all!

  8. Hey Jude- some folks from GCS would like to have dinner on November 29.. do we need to make a rez? If so, what is the phone number of your restaurant? There will be 3 of us.