Duane Park celebrates 225 years in the streets

The Friends of Duane Park celebrated the park’s 225th birthday with a fundraising dinner last night on Duane Street, closing off the street from Greenwich to Hudson for a dinner for 160. It was a lovely Tribeca event, with an excellent mix of fresh blood and old-timers, and contributions from some of the neighborhood’s longstanding businesses.

Marc Forgione catered the exceptional family-style dinner (why aren’t all big events served that way? and why am I not eating that tomato salad every day?). Madeline Lanciani from Duane Park Patisserie, whose business has been on the park since 1992 (read the wonderful Spotlight on her here), of course made the cake and cookies. Tribeca Wine Merchants on the east side of the park donated the wine. Élan Flowers, which for years was at Duane and West Broadway, then Franklin, now Soho and soon back to Tribeca, provided the flowers. Real estate agent and longtime Duane Park resident Amy Bonomi sponsored the event. Laughing Man provided the coffee service.

And the event was all-hands-on-deck for the Friends board members. That’s Renee Fields, Lena Lalvani, Karie Parker Davidson and Bettina Teodoro below, and Jennifer McAllister-Nevins and Carla Bauer checking guests in and board members Rose Palombo and Juliet Hindell in the photo after that.

Forgione, who has had his eponymous restaurant on Reade since 2007, is moving to the former Brushstroke space on Hudson and Duane, and is aiming for a Valentine’s Day opening.



  1. I visit New York every year. My family live in Tribeca. I live in Turkey. Duane Park is a favorite spot. So often something fun going on. So great to have the community involved in creating a small green haven for all. Thank You!

  2. A million thank yous to everyone who supported and attended this magical night! We hope everyone had a great time! Please continue to enjoy the park (we have our final concert of our summer series this evening, Sept. 21 at 6pm) and let us know if you’d like to see this dinner come back again next year. You can find us at duanepark.org.

  3. what an incredible, fun evening! huge thanks to Karie Parker Davidson and Friends of Duane Park for making this happen so beautifully and seemlessly.
    i hope we can do this every year!