Wondering what that traffic was all about?

Was I the last to know that Biden was at the World Trade Center this afternoon? (G. spotted him from above.)

The highway was completely shut down heading south starting at Canal, and as a result, just about every street in the neighborhood was at a standstill by about 1:30. (And here I thought I was being smart by avoiding the UN.)

The president was receiving a briefing on Hurricane Fiona’s impact on Puerto Rico and the ongoing federal government response in the FEMA Region 2 Office at One World Trade. He’s back at the White House now — he grabbed a flight from JFK around 6p.



  1. About 100,000 nurse joined you myself & wife inc trying to get to Brooklyn after a minor medical procedure. After 90 mins going from E34 to Westside to avoid reported FDR shutdowns for pres & fighting back up to Houston & Broadway had to resort to subway. This was a stunt on par w GOP sending legal immigrants across country. The Pres staff so concerned over image trashed out the most profitable densest populated area of its BLUEst city. Way to go airheads.

  2. Seriously WHY? the hellish traffic generated by this for NO REASON… this could have been done remotely… stop making our lives more difficult for photo ops!

  3. The horn-honking on Canal and Broadway was INSANE for the entire afternoon. Why wasn’t every single illegal horn-blower ticketed at the site? Maybe they could benefit from anger-management therapy as well. There were lots of police around and none did anything about it.

  4. No one will ever take me up on this idea: the redesign of car horns such that they are louder inside the car than outside. It’s gratifying to contemplate

  5. My son who takes the yellow bus was stuck on his bus for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Was rerouted to Brooklyn (I have a tracker). After 4ish we start to see so many school busses drive by. Can you imagine the worry on some parents when they did not see their kids get home on time especially if they did not have a tracker on their kid. This was terrible and bad timing. I hope they reconsider NOT doing this during the hours of 1-4. >:-/