In the News: A restaurant in a 75th floor one-bedroom

Crain’s reports that the managers of 8 Spruce, the Gehry building, are trying to evict a tenant for running a restaurant out of his apartment. The business is called Maison Sun, and its website says that it runs dinners out of two secret locations, including one in a “luxury high-rise with sweeping views of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.” You can make a reservation on Resy. But the restauranteur, Carlos Gasperi, and his lawyer claim he just hosts dinners for friends. Those dinners cost $338 and are paid in advance, and the location is revealed the day of your reservation.

The Art Newspaper warns that as Tribeca supplants Chelsea as the city’s art neighborhood, and the biggest names in the art world move in, it risks pushing out the small galleries that “fostered its vitality.”

Vogue reports that Chanel and the Tribeca Festival hosted a luncheon at Locanda Verde for Through Her Lens, a program that fosters 10 emerging female filmmakers through a series of master classes, mentorship, and $100,000 in funding for project development and production. Dressed in head-to-toe Chanel ensembles were Katie Holmes, Dianna Agron, Zosia Mamet, Chase Sui Wonders, Minnie Mills, Christy Turlington, Chandler Kinney, Rebecca Dayan, Cazzie David, Myha’la Herrold, and others.

The Clooneys were also at Locanda Verde recently, as reported by W magazine, which wanted to note Amal Clooney’s modern take on the flapper dress.



  1. After I read this, I checked out Maison Sun’s IG, where there are tons of photos of them serving dinners in an 8 Spruce apartment. I’ve lived in this building for 11 years. I commented on one about how wrong it is to run an illegal restaurant from a residential apartment.

    Within minutes, Carlos Gasperi left a 1 star review on my Pilates business Google page (that has 14 5 star reviews). He’s not a client, not my demographic, and Google removed his bs review a few minutes later.

    His website and IG make it clear that it’s a restaurant, not just dinner with friends. WTF?

    By the way, his insightful review – “Super lame Pilates teacher. Thumbs down.” He supposedly has a PhD.

  2. Prior to moving into the apartment, Gehry management gave us express permission in writing to host professional, small-scale, intimate dinners, which we host for select clientele and journalists.

    I have never met Ms. Lippin, she lives on a different floor, nor has she ever attended any of our events, and has been trolling us online non-stop without cause. Clearly, her Pilates business must not be doing so well she has so much free time on her hands to troll an unknown neighbor.

    Ms. Lippin, with all due respect, you are wrong on both counts.

    What myself and my team do is perfectly legal, significantly, there is nothing unethical about what we do, and what we do, our guests and the public at large perceive as innovative and unequivocally cool.

    You don’t need a PhD to figure that one out. 🎤 drop