250 Water brownfield cleanup program is in process

If you have tuned into the plans for 250 Water, where Howard Hughes will be building a mixed-use, 324-foot development (rendering below) on that square block in the South Street Seaport Historic District, you know that the site is contaminated — and also across from Peck Slip School — and requires a regimented brownfield cleanup program.

So the work there has begun and an independent environmental consultant is providing reports to CB1. So far 32 truckloads of soil have been transported off the site, and the majority of the area is now down to the targeted depth of minus 8 feet. Soil samples were collected along Peck Slip and will be reported this week. No odors were observed on the soil so far.

The entire soil area was covered with foam to contain any dustup of contaminants; the work was also scheduled for when school was closed. Eventually the site will be backfilled with imported clean fill.

Over the years, the uses of the site included a factory, an oil company, a printer, a metal works, a chemicals and glue company, a chemical company, thermometer factories/workshops, a garage with two underground storage tanks, a machine shop, and a gasoline service station. Hence the tanks and all sorts of contaminants, including mercury.

See a site built for the brownfield cleanup program here, and the reports to CB1 here.