Seen & Heard: Last days for rooftops

Am I the last to know that Serafina’s rooftop space is open to the public? Will get over there to check it out. Also, Hotel Indigo at Water and Wall, also has a new rooftop space: Highwater Rooftop.

The Class founder Taryn Toomey, who started her brand of exercise classes here in the neighborhood, has decided to step down as CEO and hand the reins over to Natalie Kuhn and Chris Sanborn. The company started in 2013 in makeshift spaces around Tribeca, including Downtown Dance Factory, and is now at 22 Park Place, between Church and Broadway.

The Fred Astaire Downtown dance studio celebrated five years in business this week — no small feat (get it?) given the pandemic and what it did to dance and exercise studios. They also honored the students who have been with them from the beginning.


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  1. Went to Serafina roof last night. Wonderful spot and view. Just beware, the food and drink is much pricier than the restaurant. There is a separate menu for upstairs but you can order off the regular menu for an extra fee. We had 1 pizza, 1 salad, 1 bottle of wine and 1 glass. We paid one $200 including tip. Kind of a shock. We complained and got $10 removed. Just make sure to ask what the prices are. We did not know that the wine we had all the time downstairs was different from the roof menu. We had expected to pay $65 for that but paid $85 for the roof menu Vermentino. Just be careful if you don’t want to spend a lot.

  2. The pricing is pretty laughable, a quick look at their online menu shows that rooftop prices are about 20% higher on the roof. The exact same glass of Whispering Angel will set you back $16 downstairs but $20 on the roof of the same restaurant in the same building. A bottle of the same is offered for $69 in the restaurant and $80 upstairs.

    The trend continues through every comparable item on the menu. I mean if you’re ok spending what probably works out to a $30 per hour surcharge go for it, but it seems a bit steep for the sweeping 4th story views on offer.