The city will spray for mosquitoes tonight

The NYC Department of Health will use trucks to spray adulticide to kill adult mosquitos around the neighborhood tonight through tomorrow morning in Tribeca, Fidi, Chinatown, the Seaport and up to the Village.

This is intended to lessen the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile Virus. The CDC has information on mosquito control here, and notes that adulticide is safe for humans and pets. No reported diseases in people or pets have been linked with the use of pesticides in West Nile virus control efforts since 1999.

But the city did warn that people who are sensitive to spray ingredients may get a rash or have short-term eye or throat irritation. If you have a stronger reaction to pesticides, call the NYC Poison Control Center at 212-POISONS (212-764-7667).

If you are sensitive to pesticides or otherwise want to avoid exposure: When possible, stay indoors during spraying. If you have asthma or other respiratory conditions, stay inside. Set the air conditioner vent to the closed position or choose the recirculate function. Outdoor equipment and toys that are exposed to the pesticides we use are not a significant health risk. There could be some residue for a short period of time. Although it is not necessary, you can wash the toys and equipment with soap and water.



  1. “Adulticide”? Adults should hide tonight.

    • This is absurd effort on city’s part. How many cases of west nile have we had in the entire city over the years, maybe 20 or 30 each year? I can understand spraying near standing water areas in queens and brooklyn near the marshlands, but in fidi area? Come on. So they spend this money, and poison the air, birds and other insects for what exactly? I love how they can do this without any feedback from us.

  2. The pesticides sprayed by the city are carcinogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals that accumulate in the human body. The spray is persistent in the environment killing birds and beneficial insects such as bees but aren’t all that effective on the mosquito that causes West Nile Virus. This mosquito breeds in standing water and doesn’t venture far from where it breeds. How many breeding pools are there on Broadway or any sidewalk or street being sprayed? No mosquitoes but lots of children whose playground equipment will be covered with pesticide residue.
    Hasn’t anyone in this city read Silent Spring?

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    • Some pretty big breeding pools just south of Vesey, between Chuch and West. Maybe you’ve heard of them

    • You are 100% right. This is sneaky on the city’s part, on par with fluoride in our water both dangerous for humans. Who voted on this ? How about addressing the RAT problem? There is zero reason to spray.

  3. Good thing they’re doing this right before the summer, when all the mosquitos come out!

  4. In paragraph two you say that adulticide is safe. In the final two paragraphs you detail health risks. Which is it?

    I vote for Jen’s comment here above.

  5. I don’t think the reflecting pools are a breeding ground. Mosquito larvae can only survive in stagnant water. Newly hatched mosquitoes must rest on the surface for a few minutes to let their wings dry, because of this they will not lay eggs in water that is constantly moving.

  6. Okay. Show your work. Include the times when falls are shut off.

  7. Is it 1983? There is zero concern for mosquitos in NYC. RATS never came to mind? We have a rat infestation of biblical proportions and mosquitoes are the concern? This doesn’t make sense.