Gigino at Wagner will not (necessarily) return

I wondered if Gigino at Wagner Park, which had been at that location since 1999 and closed on Sept. 5, would be allowed to come back automatically after the two years of construction to raise and rebuild the park. Unfortunately, no.

The restaurant space in the new pavilion will be subject to an open competitive solicitation; Gigino, or any other entity, will be able to respond. (Gigino still has its Tribeca location on Greenwich.)

From the Battery Park City Authority: “BPCA is currently planning on issuing a request for expressions of interest from potential restaurant operators about the types of food and dining experiences they might offer. We’ll also solicit input from the public, elected officials, and Manhattan Community Board 1 regarding the type of establishment they’d like to see in the space concurrently with and after we’ve reviewed the expressions of interest from potential operators.”

Nick Sbordone added that the BPCA would also consider jettisoning the concept of a restaurant altogether if there was community support for some other use, “though we expect doing so would not enjoy the support of the many residents and visiting park users who enjoy such an amenity today, and who expressed a desire for a restaurant in the future resilient Wagner Park.”



  1. BPCA just royally screwing up Wagner. No chance a local business like Gigino will be able to compete against the bigger restaurant names in an open RFP.

  2. 31 people responded to a survey in 2016 asking for more food and beverage and a few hundred in the survey were tourists. This “resiliency” project has always been a commercial development project. Read this: