In the News: Cars stolen at gunpoint out of Tribeca garage

4New York reported that four cars were stolen out of a Tribeca garage in the early morning last Thursday. I got the police report and the details were a little different: On October 6 at 0353 hours, inside of 270 Greenwich Street (the SP+ Parking Garage on the north side of Murray), four unidentified males entered the location, one male displayed a firearm, threatened the victims and proceeded to remove four vehicles (Audi S4, BMW X5M, Audi S5 and Land Rover Range Sport which were unlocked with a key inside) and fled northbound on West Street. There are no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

Gothamist reports that the Climate Museum will have a pop-up in Soho through Dec. 22 at 120 Wooster. The exhibit shows off climate change-themed works of art alongside a kid-friendly interactive studio where visitors can learn about and act to address global warming.

NPR reports that McDonald’s will be serving adult happy meals through Oct. 30 as a partnership with the fashion streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market. “One day you ordered a Happy Meal for the last time and you didn’t even know it,” McDonald’s said on its Facebook page earlier this month. But the fast food giant’s upcoming campaign will give adults a chance to revisit a part of their childhood. The box comes with a meal and a classic McDonald’s character: Grimace, the Hamburglar, Birdie and newcomer Cactus Buddy.

Crain’s reports that the City Council speaker, Adrienne Adams, wants curbside dining to end — and for outdoor cafes to get back on the sidewalks. The permanent program was supposed to start early next year, but was stalled out after the State Supreme Court ruled that the city has to perform a full environmental review before proceeding. The city is appealing.



  1. The won its appeal and a full review is not required. Council Speaker Adams obv felt it was better to cater to parking than patrons

  2. The anti-car voice has become a predictable nuisance. It makes no sense and if they feel so strongly about it, why not build a case instead of always trying to piggy back on the illegal occupying public sidewalk and street by restaurants? Unless…

  3. I’m all for dining to get back on the sidewalks, and seating should be directly against the restaurant, not across the sidewalk. This avoids servers blocking sidewalk and colliding with those using the sidewalk to… actually walk (or ride e-bikes at bone-crushing speeds). This also allows fold-out awnings for the diners. At night, seating can be put away, and awnings can be rolled up. The benefits of sheds without the negatives.

    However, I also think this means it’s high time to widen the sidewalks. This also means re-claiming space from parking and/or traffic lanes. Which is bringing NYC back to how it once was, with far wider sidewalks. That goes in line with congestion pricing, to prioritize pedestrians over cars/trucks.

  4. Lifelong NYC democrat planning on voting Zeldin. After Hochul made her top legal advisor a guy advocating for no bail total release of criminals I threw in the towel for voting for her.
    The crime in the city is like nothing I have ever seen and I lived through 77. I am terrified that my wife or daughters will be assaulted on the streets or worse wind up dead. There was a man attacking doormen and dog walkers on the esplanade in south BPC p – one of the safest places in NYC. If it’s happening there then it’s truly bad.
    There has to be some way out of the hole of crime and Adams ain’t bringing it. I am really scared. I don’t want to leave NYC but living in this fear isn’t worth it.