Nosy Neighbor: Why are they tearing up the tennis courts on the river?

Both E. and J. wrote to ask why the three tennis courts in Hudson River Park, on the river just south of Houston, were being torn up.

They are being resurfaced! The work started Sept. 19 and the courts should be playable by the beginning of December. The asphalt was removed (it is being repurposed) and the subsurface work is going on now.

NB: Much of this work is weather dependent, so the colorful seal coat — aka paint — will likely have to be applied in the spring. Till then the park will put down temporary lines.

The reconstruction was paid for largely by former City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, with continuing support from Chelsea Councilman Erik Bottcher, since the courts are in his district.



  1. But the sign there says there’ll be a new crosswalk across the highway, approximately in between the courts.

  2. The Citibike dock is also gone. Any idea when it’s coming back? I thought they were doing renovations with the aim off adding a crosswalk on the southern side of Houston, across the WSH, perhaps due to the arrival of a googleplex (easier to cross).

    • The Citi Bike station is gone for the construction of both the courts and the new crosswalk just south of the pier. The station will be sited this time at the new crosswalk.

  3. They just better not turn any of them into pickleball courts.

    • Actually, Hudson River Park is creating three pickleball courts in an undeveloped section of the park across from 34th Street.