Fouquet’s New York is open for hotel guests

Alas, I’ll never make it as a paparazzo. Victoria Beckham came striding out of Fouquet’s New York — the brand new hotel at 456 Greenwich from the French company Hotel Barrière — and instead of grabbing my phone, I stood there slack-jawed at the sight of someone wearing rhinestone encrusted transparent boots at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. In a flash of sparkle, she and her entourage climbed into the waiting Escalade before my instincts kicked in.

But I did check out the hotel lobby! (Of course it’s opulent. Rates are around $1000 a night.) The staff told me the restaurants are not yet open — in fact the doors on Desbrosses were not open — since the liquor licenses are still pending, which seems hard to believe since they were before CB1 first a year ago. UPDATE! The SLA told me the licenses were approved on 10/15/2022 and should be issued this week.

But the website says the Brasserie Fouquet’s is open from 7a to 10:30a, then noon till 10:30p (with no liquor available). The Par Ici Café will open in late October.

The lobby entrance is on Greenwich; the restaurants will have a public entrance on Desbrosses, which has repaired cobblestone streets.

More TK when I can get a tour.



  1. Very well done construction/design; looking forward to trying out the new bar & restaurant.

    Hopefully the developer and/or the city will plant some shade trees in the (currently empty) tree boxes along Greenwich and Desbrosses. The restored cobble looks lovely; the street will look even better w some greenery :).

  2. Usually in the case of new construction, the onus is put on the developer to plant trees as a condition of the development. Given that these are new pits and the high-end nature of the hotel, I would be surprised if the hotel doesn’t take care of it themselves in short order…

  3. Would be interesting to know what the hotel thinks of Estancia 460’s shed…