Trinity Boxing Club has moved to Vesey

Martin Snow’s Trinity Boxing Club has moved from its third location on Duane to 20 Vesey. (Thanks to D. for the note.) The business has been downtown since 1997. More soon from Martin, I hope, but he did say he still has the space on Duane and has some ideas, but no specific plans: “I was hoping to turn it into into a community gym for kids.”

The space on Vesey is 4500 square feet, the former National September 11 Memorial Museum.

Snow started teaching at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn in the ’90s, opened his own gym on New Street in 1997; moved to Greenwich and Carlisle in 2004; got flooded by Sandy, rebuilt, but still had to move and came to Duane in 2016.

They opened a gym in LA in 2006 since they were training so much there.

Trinity Boxing Club
20 Vesey | Church and Broadway
Call or text: 212-374-9393