City street closures for Halloween

The city is closing some streets tonight from 4 to 8 for pedestrians in a citywide expansion of the Open Streets program called Trick-or-Streets, and while they closed the tiny bit of Duane between Hudson and West Broadway, they clearly have never been to Tribeca on Halloween or they would have closed all of western Duane starting at Greenwich. In fact, I still think Duane should be closed to traffic except for deliveries, but that’s a tilt-at-windmills situation.

There are some other downtown closures: Sixth Ave. from Spring to Dominick; Doyers from Chatham Square to Pell Street; Stone Street Hanover Square to Coenties Alley. See the list and map here.

The announcement from city DOT was largely to celebrate the opening of the 34th Avenue Open Street redesign in Jackson Heights, which has turned 1.3 miles of 34th Avenue into a pedestrian and cyclist priority corridor. The project includes a new plaza and shared street blocks centered at the seven schools within a block of the Jackson Heights corridor.

‘Trick-or-Streets’: Adams Administration Announces First-Ever Expansion of Open Street Hours for Halloween, Cuts Ribbon on 34th Avenue Redesign in Queens
Nearly 100 Open Streets and other newly pedestrianized streets will be car-free next Monday evening, October 31st, activated for ghoulish “Trick-or Streets” events that will allow families more public space in celebration of Halloween.

The 34th Avenue Open Street in Jackson Heights is also celebrated — as extraordinary public space improvements implemented by DOT this year have permanently prioritized pedestrians and cyclists.