What’s better than a Tribeca Halloween?

There was lots of Halloween action for kids and adults last night, even just doing a quick loop of Duane Park (thanks to H. for the added snaps — including the Jeff Koons balloon dog on the move from Balloon Saloon and a tender moment between a dinosaur and hippo). More TK on the shenanigans over the weekend at Washington Market Park.

Oh, and one by-the-numbers candy report from Arc Athletics: 440 bags assembled from 49 pounds of candy distributed in 65 minutes. (That’s Madeline Lanciani doing the breast stroke for rapt kids at Duane Park Patisserie.)



  1. this halloween was sooo much fun! everyone seemed to be in high spirits. we gave away 1600+ cookies in 1.5hours.
    next year i’ll make more!

  2. Fun is the key word here, something missing for several years. How wonderful to have it back!